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And now I'm back, from outer space...

No, not really - there was a "UK's favourite number 1" programme on over the weekend night and "I Will Survive" was one of the entries. A bit overdue since I've already been back over a week, but stuff's kinda distracted me and our router is completely computer-senile and has somehow managed to duplicate itself. The poor computers are very confused.

The holiday was brilliant. Up until Thursday anyway, when the insane weather decided it was time for Round 2 and we ended up walking around Barnard Castle in the middle of a thunderstorm (which is absolutely terrifying, I'll have you know). The next day the town had been cut off completely. For reference, the town's on a hill.

So anyway, we were staying on a farm with lots of chickens, cats (one of which was so friendly it decided to join us inside and we literally had to push it out the door) and the very affectionate and slightly barmy pet lamb Boris. To be perfectly honest you could have just stayed in all week and you'd still be fully entertained.

The aforementioned Boris. He was one of triplets and had to be hand-reared, so he now thinks he's a human.

The aforementioned cat. This was just after we had to push him out the door; he ended up sitting outside for half an hour afterwards.

This hen and her three chicks were wandering around for the entire week. We couldn't believe how much they'd grown by the time we left - when we arrived they were just tiny little fluff-balls!

This hen on the other hand wasn't wandering around with her chicks, because she had eleven. I have no idea how she's going to manage when they're all out and about.

While on the subject of chickens, these particular ones (except the hens with chicks) roosted in a tree over-hanging the yard. It turns out that here in the UK even our chickens form orderly queues.

And finally the stuff I brought (minus the A3 and A5 sketchbooks I picked up because they were on sale). The small dragon-in-an-egg was picked up at Keswick Market and the blue dragon on a tin was from a place called Rheged. The Adipose (I've named him Po) was picked up at the Toys-R-Us in Gateshead (which caused nostalgia like you wouldn't believe - the last time we'd been there was when I was 13 and my sister came out with a giant Togepi. My dad's reaction was priceless). We also visited the Wensleydale Creamery later in the week and I'm pretty sure it's a crime to leave that place without either cheese or something Wallace & Gromit related. And lastly is something I have been wanting since I was 12 - my very own copy of the Day of The Daleks novelisation. I loved the hell out of that book when I was a kid and signed it out of the school library multiple times. Now I just need the DVD so I can finally see the actual serial.

And now some sad news I realised I hadn't mentioned. In April I had to say goodbye to my goldfish, Tails. Some would call me silly for being upset over a fish, but I don't care; he'd been with me since I was 13 and I loved him to bits.

Farewell my little friend. I miss you terribly.

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Aww I'm sorry about your goldfish. :( /hugs