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blue_aeon ([personal profile] blue_aeon) wrote2010-09-15 12:15 am
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Am I forgetting anything?

On Friday I'm off to the Lake District with the rest of the family for a week. Hopefully my ankle will have sorted itself out by the time we get there (pro tip: if your ankle makes a resounding crack, that's probably not a good thing).

I've sort of left packing to the last minute. Well, not entirely, since Mum deals with the clothes and essentials via use of her Awesome Packing Skills™ (we're pretty sure she makes the bags and cupboards bigger on the inside), and I actually know where everything I want to pack is, I just need to gather it up. Currently on the list of things to take are books, art materials, Nintendo DS plus games, camcorder plus extras and anything else I can fit in my satchel.

Oh, and a recorder. Yesterday I decided to take up playing it again for the first time since Junior School (ages 7-10, for those wondering), and I'm taking it with me to practice (bottom C is quite tricky to reach without squeaking). Although what I really want to learn to play is the Tin Whistle (I always want to join in when I hear one, they're just wonderful), so I'm keeping an eye out for one whilst we're up there. Who knows? Maybe if I get good enough my sister and I can take both along to an expo and start random hoe-downs (she plays recorder and clarinet).

(btw, someone has indeed done the Doctor Who theme on the recorder, but unfortunately it happens to sound like a cat that's being simultaneously strangled and electrocuted)