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Autumn clearout. Joy.

Figured I ought to actually use this for its intended purpose again.

So, I'm clearing out the plastic chest of drawers (or "art trunk", as I call it) next to my mac at the moment. The reason? I got this a couple of weeks ago:

I've always wanted one of these since I was a kid, and during a visit to Hobbycraft (an awesome store with everything under the sun for artistic types) they had this desk at £95. They usually cost £200, minimum. Sure, it's got a wonky wheel (problem with the weld) but it's pretty sturdy. So I'm finding and putting my art materials in the two side drawers. And I'm a little amazed at what I've got in this art trunk:

Three cassette albums - one for Hansen, two for Robson and Jerome (stop laughing at the back)
A cassette audiobook for Horse Pie by Dick King-Smith
Two recordable cassettes
A BT pen set
A travel game of Solitaire,
Some of my brother's Games Workshop inks and paints
An old watch
A pair of hands-free headphones
My old bus passes
Some cinema tickets
A bottle opener
Floppy disk labels
Three small rulers
An empty cotton spool
What I think is a sample tube from a microscope set
Two bookmarks
A bottle of black ink
Earphone covers
An Allen key
A bulldog clip
A mini M2 memory card adapter
An outliner pen
Some random LEGO
A belt-clip for something or other
Two pencil sharpeners
A metal Nintendo keyring
And this is one drawer. There are four.

Oh, and as for LJ's nomination for "Biggest Prats of The Year," I'm currently trying to decide who is being stupider in this whole fiasco - the LJ staff, or some of the users (why does anger make people stupider?).

Firstly, are you seriously naive enough, LJ, that it didn't occur to you that you're making it easier for people to troll? I appreciate the sentiment that you trust the user-base to exercise restraint be sensible, but giving even the possibility to cross-post comments from f-locked posts is a world war just waiting to happen.

Secondly, I heard that someone is claiming that you can post someone's entire f-locked post on Twitter. This person needs to be examined for a brain - anybody with a ounce of sense will realise that is this is both impossible and extremely ridiculous to pull off.

Thirdly, it's amusing me that people are upping sticks and going to Dreamwidth instead of waiting to see what LJ will do about it. Lets face it, the code for this place must be like the Minotaur's labyrinth, and I for one would rather not have them rush it and potentially break something in the process. Because it's actually quite tricky to add and remove features with a site like this - one false move and we could end up looking at blank screens for a month.

Btw, the biggest WTF from this is that LJ has now apparently integrated LJ Scrapbook and Photobucket which is Bad. This is confusing because a) I cannot find this supposed "integration" for the life of me and b) LJ and Photobucket have already been integrated to some extent for at least 3 years now.

Anyway, there's a greasemonkey script to remove the tickboxes for those who haven't connect Facebook and Twitter, and a CSS code that removes them from your layout for everyone if you're on a Plus account or higher (ONLY if your entire journal is f-locked though, as this code simply hides the boxes, not deactivate them - those boxes are apparently ticked automatically on unlocked posts). Please note the CSS is mainly damage-limitation, as certain circumstances will get around it.

Also, I feel I need to apologise to my f-list. I know there's no obligation to comment on other people's journals, but I can't help but feel I'm letting some of you down. I do read every single post you guys make, though, even if it results in me face-planting on the keyboard at 2am (for the record: ow).

PS: the Red Arrows flew past my bedroom window earlier. That was unexpected.

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Robson and Jerome....Lol! Blast from the past right there!

The whole LJ Twitter/Facebook connect posts make my head hurt. I have nothing of major interest worth reposting anyway. None of the folk I speak to on LJ are on my facebook and as for twitter I post gibberish so doubt it will affect me.

[identity profile] 2010-09-05 09:07 pm (UTC)(link)
As soon as those boxes appeared and the news was out, one "friend" removed everybody from his friends list, left all his communities and has probably deleted his LJ. Rash move.