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No, not really - there was a "UK's favourite number 1" programme on over the weekend night and "I Will Survive" was one of the entries. A bit overdue since I've already been back over a week, but stuff's kinda distracted me and our router is completely computer-senile and has somehow managed to duplicate itself. The poor computers are very confused.

Holiday roundup with pics )

And some sad news I hadn't mentioned )
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So it's been... nearly 7 months since I was last here. Not really had much motivation to post if I'm honest, and also the douche-baggery that is real-life decided to make itself known in full force (the exact nature of which I won't go into, but thankfully the outcome's looking to be a lot better than first thought).

I'm also going on holiday for a week tomorrow to the same place as last year (it's a farm in Yorkshire which has free wi-fi. Awesome). I'll try to remember to post when I get back this time. Provided that the freak thunderstorms we've been having don't completely fry our phone line whilst we're away.

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And now for the doosey. Bear with me, I may be a <em>little</em> bitter )
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Bit late, but Happy New Year everyone! (This is going to sound a bit random, but has anyone else's internal calendar gone out of whack? I keep thinking it's Wednesday not Tuesday)

I've also found the next Doctor Who Lemming! Even later than usual this time.

In his defence, his TARDIS doesn't work properly )

PS: Turns out that no, asLJ does not allow you to crosspost to communities, as my posting screw-up just now has proved.
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Just popping in (a bit late, I admit) to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, or whichever holiday you celebrate. I'd list them all but it's late, I've had more sugar that I should and attempts at spellings would be... creative to say the least (my spell checker is a teensy bit thick). And I'm pretty sure at least one of them would be made-up as well. Anyway, I hope you all had a great day.

Also, an apology - my last post was me packing to go on holiday in July and I haven't posted since. Not really sure why I didn't, but I had probably gone into one of my anti-social phases and by the time I came out of it I think I just plain forgot - it was only last week I actually realised how long it'd been since I'd posted (I really would make a crap Time Lord. But I'd probably make a good Eleven). So yeah. Sorry about that.
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I'll be off to the Yorkshire Dales for a week's holiday in the morning. The place where we're staying actually has wi-fi, and I always have my iPod Touch with me, so I won't be completely offline. Which, considering what my inboxes usually look like when I come back, is probably a good thing.

I've packed art materials, two books I haven't finished yet, my DS, and enough tin whistle sheet music to stage a small folk festival - if I wind up doing nothing, it'll only be because my brain has gone on strike!

Speaking of which, I'd better go get some shut-eye before it rebels completely.
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First off, I've made some new friends since my last post so here's a belated hello! *waves* I apologise for the gap - even my pet goldfish outdoes me in the short-term memory department. Which goes for me commenting as well.

My job came to an end last month - couldn't stay on as it's a non-profit/charity organisation and they don't have the funds to pay me beyond 20 quid a month (apparently this is why a lot of charity websites look so dated), but I've talked with the CEO about funding options so that they can pay me to maintain the site, so that's on my to-do list. On the plus side, my brother is a volunteer there on Fridays and helps with their filing. After ages of no-one willing to give him a job because of his Asperger's, he's chuffed to bits that he's finally being useful to society.

I've also found out that being the only one in the house with PayPal can be a problem when a) your family has discovered eBay and b) your sister is setting up her own business and hasn't been able to sort out an account of her own for online orders. We really need to have words about this.

Got Pokemon Platinum last week and I've been enjoying it so far. Started with Piplup (a girl, for what it's worth) and am currently preparing for the first gym. Need to trade a Dratini egg over from my SoulSilver game though, otherwise I'll be waiting a small ice age before I can get a Dragonite.

And I've finally done some art again! I brought Painter 12 with some of my savings and boy am I glad I did. It's the first time my tablet drawing has looked like my actual sketches.

RIFT Contest - Life Colossus

by ~WhiteDragon2393
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Later than intended thanks to work, but here's the next Doctor Who Lemming! I bet you guys anything that the day one of these guys shows up on time it'll be in the middle of an intergalactic crisis.

The jury's out as to what he's playing... )
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Today is week three of my job, and it's going great so far. As I have far better equipment at home (I nearly keeled over when I saw the system specs on their computers), I go in on Mondays for general feedback/admin work, and then spend the rest of the week working from home. Which is quite fortunate given how shocking some of the roads are in the current weather. With any luck I'll be able to get my iPod connect to the office wifi next week, because having net access on that thing is becoming a pain. And hopefully the next desk I'm sat at won't end up under a pile of my work.

Last week, though, I had a bit of a shock. I watch this internet show called "What The F*** is Wrong With You!?" which highlights shining examples of human stupidity, and in the latest episode we had the show's first death. So, who had the honour of being the person dumb enough to end up on there?

A guy my age from my local area, who overdosed on enough caffeine to, in the words of the host: "briefly allow him to see backwards in time."

What I didn't notice until I watched the episode again on Friday, though, was the guy's name. At which point I realised that not only did I live in the same area as this idiot, I knew this idiot. You see, this guy was actually an old school-friend of mine; and whose stand-out moment was an act of public indecency in the school playground aged 10 (lets just say he couldn't keep it in his pants).

And the worst part is that, once I got past the shock, I wasn't even surprised by how it happened. Why? Because my school year was infamous for being both completely insane and having little to no common sense, with my sister's year not far behind. Believe it or not, "caffeine overdose" is one of the less stupid things I've known my peers to do.

And I still cannot believe I've had to say that.
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I know I'm pretty clumsy, but I've managed to drop Glitch twice in two days (the first time I narrowly avoided standing on it). Fortunately, the clumsiness waited until after I'd brought a protective case and screen protector, which have now more than justified the 20 quid I spent on them.

That said, that's the last time I bend down with Glitch in my pyjama shirt pocket. :/

ETA: For those who might not know what I'm talking about, Glitch is my iPod Touch.
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Well, I've now got the iPod; it's taken some digging, but I've found that the Dreamwidth web posting form works fine on it. A proper app would still be greatly appreciated though, because Safari is a little too fond of randomly zooming-in while I'm trying to type. Speaking of which, it's surprisingly easy to type on here - I'm actually typing with two fingers at the moment, and my typo rate's only slightly above my usual.

As my dad works at an electronics store, he was the one to pick it up for me. Not only did he get a staff discount, but my iPod came with a free charger and £25 iTunes voucher! Seriously, my dad's workplace is awesome.

PS: I've named my iPod "Glitch" - can anyone guess the really dorky reference?
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I got a call back from that company yesterday, expecting to organise a time and place for another chat. What I got instead was being offered the position. I need to go in next week to sort out the paperwork, and then they want me to start the week after.

... Holy crap, I've got a job! Okay, it's for six months (it could go on after that though), but still!

It's got me thinking about how I'm going to keep from getting muddled though, as I have terrible handwriting and am terminally disorganised unless it's on a computer. As it happens, my iPod Shuffle has been on the fritz lately, and it occurred to me to use some of the money from my savings and get an iPod Touch to replace it. So I'll probably post again either tonight or tomorrow to test it out (apparently you can get the LJ app to post to DreamWidth. If there's a way it can be done, I'll find it).
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First, I was half-wake this morning when I suddenly hear this almighty shriek. At first I thought it was my neighbours, until I heard the panicked voices of my sister and Mum, at which point I rushed downstairs to find my sister having her eye flushed out with water.

What had happened was that Mum, when she went to put my sister's eye-drops in, had instead picked up the bottle of ear-drops that someone (i.e.: Dad) left next to the eye-drop bottle. The packaging and bottles for these look very similar, so you can guess how the mix-up was made. As it happened, they had to go into town today, so I suggested they drop by our opticians to make sure everything was all right. She's got to back Friday to have it checked again, but thankfully no harm's been done. Poor Mum was really upset though.

Weirdly, my sister had been telling me the night before about them looking similar. I guess foreshadowing works in real life, too.

Back to last week, where I was at the Job Centre with my dad about my Job Seekers' claim. Apart from discussing my partial deafness, we also brought up the possibility of me having Asperger's, because there's going blank, and then there's having parts of the brain being completely cross-wired. So I'm waiting for an appointment to see the Disability Advisor now, and I've also been moved onto Stage 3, where you're put on a 6 month work placement to help you get experience.

As it happened, one of the companies on the scheme is looking for someone to fill a multimedia position, and I went to have a chat with a couple of the people there on Friday. Things were a bit stilted at first but the ice was pretty much broken after they asked to see some of my work. There was also a pretty funny moment where the woman whose name Dad got wrong at the start wound up getting his name wrong at the end. Anyway, I'm currently waiting for a phone call about going down again to meet the chief executive, so fingers crossed that goes all right.

We also had my aunt and uncle round along with my cousin and her two daughters. Her eldest, J, wants to start a dragon collections (*sniff* I'm so proud) and her youngest, K, has turned out to be a natural with the woodwind - my sister let her have a go on her clarinet and she amazed all of us by not only being able to play it, but play it rather well. It was also the first time any of them had met Tails, and they absolutely adore him. Then again, when he keeps swimming over to you to say hello, it's hard not to.

And speaking of Tails, he's now happily settled into his new home:

The picture on the left is his old tank, to give you an idea of the difference. It also turns out that we were right about my chest of drawers, as I now have a problem opening the top drawer thanks to the extra weight. It'd probably break if I put the next tank up on it. :/
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Because he's never had a proper introduction.

This is Tails, my 10-year-old goldfish.

To say this little guy is... unusual is a bit of an understatement. Firstly, he has three tail-fins. Secondly, about a month after I got him he developed bruising on his right gill cover and over the following weeks it curled back to expose the membranes (that's the flash of pink you can see on his side). The same accident resulted in a lop-sided mouth and him being bug-eyed on his right side. And yet despite this he's outlived both of his tank-mates and the numerous tank clean-outs (which apparently ought to have made him keel over well before now). I know goldfish are hardy, but he really takes the cake sometimes.

And here's a better view of why I called him Tails:

I suspect his tail has kicked up like that because his tank is now too small for him, which will be rectified soon when I get him a new tank as his current hex-aquarium has just about had it (it's well over ten years old now, so it's had a good innings). It won't be massively bigger than his old one, because I don't have the room, but it'll be a box tank this time so he'll definitely have more room. Which he'll be happy about, because it means he'll have more room to play with us.

You see, he often spends his time "dancing" at the front of his tank whenever I'm around - and I know it's not because he's hungry, because sometimes I'll feed him and he'll carry on dancing until I point up at it. If I wiggle my fingers in front of his tank he will follow them around, and if I either call his name or snap my fingers he'll immediately turn around and swim towards me. It's amazing how affectionate he is, because he always swims around the part of the tank nearest to me and perks up the moment I walk in the room. He's a real joy to have around.

I guess I'm kinda being both sentimental and pessimistic with this post, because I'm mainly writing it so that I'll have something to remember him by should the worst happen after putting him in his new tank. But the little guy's a fighter and I'm not about to count him out yet, so all going well I'll be able to post some pictures of him settled into his new tank and continuing to make a nuisance of himself. Hopefully they will be better pics than these ones, but knowing him that's very unlikely.

Now if you'll excuse me, someone looks like he wants his supper.
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So I'm back. And it was actually drier up in the Lakes than it currently is down here. Well, it was until Thursday, anyway. Most of the time, it was a combination of sun and rain, which ended up creating a sight I had never seen before:

No trickery, it was genuinely that low down. This was taken on our way back to Ambleside via the Kirkstone Pass while we were sat in a car park. And we kept on seeing rainbows like this one throughout the week. It was quite amazing.

And this is what I brought while I was there )
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I'm off the Lake District now. See you in a week! :)
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On Friday I'm off to the Lake District with the rest of the family for a week. Hopefully my ankle will have sorted itself out by the time we get there (pro tip: if your ankle makes a resounding crack, that's probably not a good thing).

I've sort of left packing to the last minute. Well, not entirely, since Mum deals with the clothes and essentials via use of her Awesome Packing Skills™ (we're pretty sure she makes the bags and cupboards bigger on the inside), and I actually know where everything I want to pack is, I just need to gather it up. Currently on the list of things to take are books, art materials, Nintendo DS plus games, camcorder plus extras and anything else I can fit in my satchel.

Oh, and a recorder. Yesterday I decided to take up playing it again for the first time since Junior School (ages 7-10, for those wondering), and I'm taking it with me to practice (bottom C is quite tricky to reach without squeaking). Although what I really want to learn to play is the Tin Whistle (I always want to join in when I hear one, they're just wonderful), so I'm keeping an eye out for one whilst we're up there. Who knows? Maybe if I get good enough my sister and I can take both along to an expo and start random hoe-downs (she plays recorder and clarinet).

(btw, someone has indeed done the Doctor Who theme on the recorder, but unfortunately it happens to sound like a cat that's being simultaneously strangled and electrocuted)
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After the opportunity arose to get a Dreamwidth invite code, I figured I may as well do it now rather than later. After all, it's a known fact l that anything technology related can and go wrong at the slightest provocation, so Plan B is always a good idea.

And almost as soon as I sign and imported everything over, LJ goes bananas. When I said "one false move and we're looking at blank screens for three months" in my last post, I wasn't being serious about it!

So anyway, this is me testing both asLJ's posting to Dreamwidth (apparently it's a bit buggy) and Dreamwidth's crossposting feature. And yeah, if any of you already have a Dreamwidth, can you tell me your username so I can add you?

Off on a tangent now - my mum found this out for my planned Steampunk cosplay:

It's my dad's old pocket watch (and apparently he glued it shut). The sound it makes is just awesome.
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Figured I ought to actually use this for its intended purpose again.

So, I'm clearing out the plastic chest of drawers (or "art trunk", as I call it) next to my mac at the moment. The reason? I got this a couple of weeks ago:

I've always wanted one of these since I was a kid, and during a visit to Hobbycraft (an awesome store with everything under the sun for artistic types) they had this desk at £95. They usually cost £200, minimum. Sure, it's got a wonky wheel (problem with the weld) but it's pretty sturdy. So I'm finding and putting my art materials in the two side drawers. And I'm a little amazed at what I've got in this art trunk:

Cut for sanity's sake )
And this is one drawer. There are four.

Oh, and as for LJ's nomination for "Biggest Prats of The Year," I'm currently trying to decide who is being stupider in this whole fiasco - the LJ staff, or some of the users (why does anger make people stupider?).

My thoughts on the subject )

Also, I feel I need to apologise to my f-list. I know there's no obligation to comment on other people's journals, but I can't help but feel I'm letting some of you down. I do read every single post you guys make, though, even if it results in me face-planting on the keyboard at 2am (for the record: ow).

PS: the Red Arrows flew past my bedroom window earlier. That was unexpected.
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I hope you've got another frame ready, [ profile] gipsy_dreamer, 'cos the next lemming is done! :D

Quick! Before he disappears again! )
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Okay, bit late with this - in my defence, I was exhausted on Wednesday, unable to use a computer for ages thanks to a whopper of a thunderstorm on Thursday, and yesterday I was helping my neighbour get video off his camcorder.

Anyway, on Wednesday morning I graduated with honours in BA Multimedia. Follow the cut to see me in my cap and gown (I've never felt so much of a nerd).

This is why I don't post pictures of myself often... )


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