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I know I'm pretty clumsy, but I've managed to drop Glitch twice in two days (the first time I narrowly avoided standing on it). Fortunately, the clumsiness waited until after I'd brought a protective case and screen protector, which have now more than justified the 20 quid I spent on them.

That said, that's the last time I bend down with Glitch in my pyjama shirt pocket. :/

ETA: For those who might not know what I'm talking about, Glitch is my iPod Touch.
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After the opportunity arose to get a Dreamwidth invite code, I figured I may as well do it now rather than later. After all, it's a known fact l that anything technology related can and go wrong at the slightest provocation, so Plan B is always a good idea.

And almost as soon as I sign and imported everything over, LJ goes bananas. When I said "one false move and we're looking at blank screens for three months" in my last post, I wasn't being serious about it!

So anyway, this is me testing both asLJ's posting to Dreamwidth (apparently it's a bit buggy) and Dreamwidth's crossposting feature. And yeah, if any of you already have a Dreamwidth, can you tell me your username so I can add you?

Off on a tangent now - my mum found this out for my planned Steampunk cosplay:

It's my dad's old pocket watch (and apparently he glued it shut). The sound it makes is just awesome.
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Watched Pokemon 4Ever today with my brother and sister (it randomly appeared on the TV schedule); the timey whimey would make Steven Moffat proud, especially at the end - I tell ya, three people having the penny drop at the exact same moment is truly something to behold.

But FMA this month... WHAT THE HELL?

Spoilers for FMA 106 )
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Okay, 35 hours into SoulSilver now: I've caught Sudowoodoo (nicknamed Usokii for nostalgia's sake, even if it is a boy this time round) and discovered that a) Route 34 induces claustrophobia and b) my Geodude is very claustrophobic; also, for a Pokemon with only two arms and no legs, he manages to get tangled in grass with alarming frequency. And, thanks to one of her friends sending her the Pikachu-coloured Pichu over wi-fi, [ profile] angelbless now has the Spiky-eared Pichu, after possibly the cutest scene ever.

Oh, and my brother has seen one of those "David Tennant supports the Labour Party" ad in our local council paper and didn't react well. Thanks a smegging bunch guys, I'd been successfully avoiding that topic with him for the past four years until you lot started using your popular supporters to gain brownie points. >:( *is not looking forward to the upcoming conversation*
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I've had the Escaflowne movie on my hard drive for about a couple of years now, so I decided to watch it whilst doing Uni work a few days ago. I rather enjoyed it, so being the fan of alternate continuities that I am, I decided to try watching the TV series. I was not expecting to be on episode 22 after 3 days. I was fully expecting to have got to episode 7 and lost interest; but I find myself completely engrossed in the back story and plot. Mind you, the dub has a bit of redundancy problem, although it has a certain charm to it (and it's way better than the X:1999 dub). Also, Van as a kid is cute as a button, which is problematic seeing as these flashbacks tend to happen during moments of dire peril.

I've also been working my way through the first FMA series again and it's still awesome (and I'm still not seeing the major angst here people). Although an exchange in episode 15 is now unintentionally hilarious:

Al: "Brother, what are we going to do now?"
Ed: "I don't know Al, lets just get some distance from that guy with the glasses."

I'm a fan of the That Guy With The Glasses site and ended up having to pause the video to get rid of the resulting mental image.

And whilst we're on the subject, why is it that FMA is reading more and more like one of Rusty's Doctor Who finales? The similarities are so striking it's borderline hilarious.

Spoilers for FMA and a bit of a science rant )
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I have read the latest FMA chapter twice.

Major FMA spoilers )
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I've been meaning to post here again before I went back to Uni - but I wasn't planning on it being about this:

Stephen Gately dies at 33.

I am utterly speechless and saddened by the news. My sister [ profile] angelbless was a big Boyzone fan when she was younger, and so was I by extension (I know I kept borrowing her CDs). Stephen was always my favourite, he sung like an angel and it always amused me that his speaking voice and singing voice were at complete odds with one another (my surprise when I first heard him speak was quite comical).

Me and [ profile] angelbless were talking only last night about how we hadn't actually stopped being Boyzone fans, and we're still a bit freaked out by the coincidence. If I'm honest I'm not sure I'll be able to listen to any of their songs ever again without getting sad. Just listening to A Different Beat has made me weepy (it's my favourite alongside No Matter What).

Rest in peace Stephen, we'll miss you. :(
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So today we get a letter saying that we have exceeded the Fair Usage limit on our unlimited broadband - Orange have a cap at 40gb or 50gb, depending on who you ask/which way the wind's blowing, for both uploads and downloads, but this is stated absolutely nowhere in their terms (and we certainly weren't informed about it) and if you ask me is a blatant piece of false advertising. Apparently we exceeded it by 20 gigs, and we're having trouble working out how because despite increased usage of iPlayer and as many as 4 computers using it at once, as well as the Wii, we can't see how it adds up to 60 gigs, because large file sizes for streaming are not practical and murder on the servers.

What makes this even more infuriating is that my dad specifically asked if it was unlimited because me and Hayley are multimedia students and as such will use up a lot of bandwidth anyway, and he was told that would be fine. Obviously it's not, and I've now come to the conclusion that they've been capping us for months without informing us. The sneaky arseholes! They've also basically told us to "stop using the Internet because you're ruining it for everyone else". I think you're doing a fine job of that already without our help.

Mum and Dad are now looking at Sky broadband, as that's stated as truly unlimited (and it needs to be now that they have Sky Player).

On a lighter note (or not), Henry's head finally fell off, which is a relief since we have no idea how it was staying on and it was starting to scare us a bit.

See that? That shouldn't be possible with full sun beating down on it. Trust my siblings to go and make a snowman that defies the laws of physics.
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Another year, and another Tomb Raider game done and dusted by my mum (yes, my mum's a gamer - this has its advantages). And Tomb Raider: Underworld leaves a sense of... disappointment? Dissatisfaction? That the developers need to be hit around the head with a newspaper?

As it turns out, it's all three. The two glaring problems were 1) it was ridiculously short (Mum usually takes a month at least to finish a TR game) and 2) it was riddled with an incredible amount of glitches. I won't discuss the gameplay here (me and my sister will be tearing it a new one over at our Uni blogs) - no, my gripe here is with the plot, which used Norse myth.

Spoilers for TR Anniversary, Legend, Underworld and Norse myth )
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So I love dragons, which obviously means I love dragon movies. While, in my opinion, few can compare to Dragonheart, and the absolute classic that is The Flight of Dragons (it's a complete travesty that Warner Bros haven't released it on DVD), they're generally watchable and enjoyable (yes, even Eragon).

Trust an exception to come bumbling along )


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