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Okay, bit late with this - in my defence, I was exhausted on Wednesday, unable to use a computer for ages thanks to a whopper of a thunderstorm on Thursday, and yesterday I was helping my neighbour get video off his camcorder.

Anyway, on Wednesday morning I graduated with honours in BA Multimedia. Follow the cut to see me in my cap and gown (I've never felt so much of a nerd).

This is why I don't post pictures of myself often... )
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Got my results today: I got a 2:2 and was just missed out on a 2:1 by about 1%. To quote Kryten: "I'm almost annoyed." Still, I passed! Which means I graduate next month along with my sister, who actually got the same grade as me and was roughly the same amount off a 2:1 as well (a bizarre coincidence by any standards).

In other news, I've become addicted to Robot Unicorn Attack. I've now got Erasure stuck in my head on loop.

Oh, before I forget; a church we pass on our way into Nottingham currently has the best sign I have ever seen:
"The son's shine eclipses twilight."
Well played, Mr. Sign Maker, very well played. It's not often you can pull off a hurricane of puns in just 5 words.
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Okay, so it was my birthday on Saturday. I'm not really one for making a fuss over it, so I kinda let it slip by the wayside, but due to me being both anal about facts and too honest for my own good, I felt I ought to mention it - I only mentioned it on the recent [ profile] fandomsecrets friending meme because it was happening on my birthday.

Speaking of which, hi new friends! I'm dropping you all in at the deep end here, as I still haven't mastered the art of being brief. X3;;

Funny hats and Black Mage weapons, amongst other things (slight spoilers for Doctor Who) )


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