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During a tidy up of my mac desktop/data-dump I ended up looking through some old files (which also reminded me that the folder is a mess and it's a wonder I can find anything) and found one of the daftest things I've ever done.

Waaaay back before the S4 finale they had a post for crack theories at [ profile] doctorwho which I joined in with. I completely laughed myself silly when I read these again - I must have been very hyper at the time.

Crack Theories for the end of S4 (in a lovely TARDIS blue) )

Funnily enough, I think half of those are better than the ending we actually got.

Speaking of endings, I'm both excited and nervous about RTD saying that the ending of the 2008 Xmas Special is 'ferociously huge' given his track record. If I wind up with a serious injury thanks to this episode, I'm sending Rusty my medical bills.
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To breath life back into my LJ after two years, here's my opinion on Journey's End. But, thanks to my brain dissecting it and applying copious amounts of fridge logic, it ended up half review, half speculation, with a wish list for series 5/6 (no idea if the numbering has been decided on for that yet) tagged on at the end.

Warning: this is a rather long ramble. Whether it's meaningful is open to debate.

If you got through all that, you deserve a medal.
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OMFG!! Chapter 54 of the FMA Manga is like major woah! And crack theories are springing up out of the ether like mad now.

Spoilers like, you won't believe )


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