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First off, I've made some new friends since my last post so here's a belated hello! *waves* I apologise for the gap - even my pet goldfish outdoes me in the short-term memory department. Which goes for me commenting as well.

My job came to an end last month - couldn't stay on as it's a non-profit/charity organisation and they don't have the funds to pay me beyond 20 quid a month (apparently this is why a lot of charity websites look so dated), but I've talked with the CEO about funding options so that they can pay me to maintain the site, so that's on my to-do list. On the plus side, my brother is a volunteer there on Fridays and helps with their filing. After ages of no-one willing to give him a job because of his Asperger's, he's chuffed to bits that he's finally being useful to society.

I've also found out that being the only one in the house with PayPal can be a problem when a) your family has discovered eBay and b) your sister is setting up her own business and hasn't been able to sort out an account of her own for online orders. We really need to have words about this.

Got Pokemon Platinum last week and I've been enjoying it so far. Started with Piplup (a girl, for what it's worth) and am currently preparing for the first gym. Need to trade a Dratini egg over from my SoulSilver game though, otherwise I'll be waiting a small ice age before I can get a Dragonite.

And I've finally done some art again! I brought Painter 12 with some of my savings and boy am I glad I did. It's the first time my tablet drawing has looked like my actual sketches.

RIFT Contest - Life Colossus

by ~WhiteDragon2393
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I know I'm pretty clumsy, but I've managed to drop Glitch twice in two days (the first time I narrowly avoided standing on it). Fortunately, the clumsiness waited until after I'd brought a protective case and screen protector, which have now more than justified the 20 quid I spent on them.

That said, that's the last time I bend down with Glitch in my pyjama shirt pocket. :/

ETA: For those who might not know what I'm talking about, Glitch is my iPod Touch.
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Well, I've now got the iPod; it's taken some digging, but I've found that the Dreamwidth web posting form works fine on it. A proper app would still be greatly appreciated though, because Safari is a little too fond of randomly zooming-in while I'm trying to type. Speaking of which, it's surprisingly easy to type on here - I'm actually typing with two fingers at the moment, and my typo rate's only slightly above my usual.

As my dad works at an electronics store, he was the one to pick it up for me. Not only did he get a staff discount, but my iPod came with a free charger and £25 iTunes voucher! Seriously, my dad's workplace is awesome.

PS: I've named my iPod "Glitch" - can anyone guess the really dorky reference?
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I got a call back from that company yesterday, expecting to organise a time and place for another chat. What I got instead was being offered the position. I need to go in next week to sort out the paperwork, and then they want me to start the week after.

... Holy crap, I've got a job! Okay, it's for six months (it could go on after that though), but still!

It's got me thinking about how I'm going to keep from getting muddled though, as I have terrible handwriting and am terminally disorganised unless it's on a computer. As it happens, my iPod Shuffle has been on the fritz lately, and it occurred to me to use some of the money from my savings and get an iPod Touch to replace it. So I'll probably post again either tonight or tomorrow to test it out (apparently you can get the LJ app to post to DreamWidth. If there's a way it can be done, I'll find it).
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After the opportunity arose to get a Dreamwidth invite code, I figured I may as well do it now rather than later. After all, it's a known fact l that anything technology related can and go wrong at the slightest provocation, so Plan B is always a good idea.

And almost as soon as I sign and imported everything over, LJ goes bananas. When I said "one false move and we're looking at blank screens for three months" in my last post, I wasn't being serious about it!

So anyway, this is me testing both asLJ's posting to Dreamwidth (apparently it's a bit buggy) and Dreamwidth's crossposting feature. And yeah, if any of you already have a Dreamwidth, can you tell me your username so I can add you?

Off on a tangent now - my mum found this out for my planned Steampunk cosplay:

It's my dad's old pocket watch (and apparently he glued it shut). The sound it makes is just awesome.
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Figured I ought to actually use this for its intended purpose again.

So, I'm clearing out the plastic chest of drawers (or "art trunk", as I call it) next to my mac at the moment. The reason? I got this a couple of weeks ago:

I've always wanted one of these since I was a kid, and during a visit to Hobbycraft (an awesome store with everything under the sun for artistic types) they had this desk at £95. They usually cost £200, minimum. Sure, it's got a wonky wheel (problem with the weld) but it's pretty sturdy. So I'm finding and putting my art materials in the two side drawers. And I'm a little amazed at what I've got in this art trunk:

Cut for sanity's sake )
And this is one drawer. There are four.

Oh, and as for LJ's nomination for "Biggest Prats of The Year," I'm currently trying to decide who is being stupider in this whole fiasco - the LJ staff, or some of the users (why does anger make people stupider?).

My thoughts on the subject )

Also, I feel I need to apologise to my f-list. I know there's no obligation to comment on other people's journals, but I can't help but feel I'm letting some of you down. I do read every single post you guys make, though, even if it results in me face-planting on the keyboard at 2am (for the record: ow).

PS: the Red Arrows flew past my bedroom window earlier. That was unexpected.
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Hello to my new friends from the Fandom Secrets friending meme! *waves*

I've somehow managed to hit 90+ hours on Pokemon SoulSilver now, and am currently wondering a) who on Earth is in charge of hiring for Team Rocket because they're serious idiots and b) whose idea it was to turn Togetic into an absolute demon. Also, getting elemental stones from the trainers is a pain in the butt (they don't give you any after you thrash them? What gives?).

FMA 107 was a return to the FMA I know and love after the preceding silliness, and it really is becoming clear just how much BONES knew about the manga ending when making the first anime. Btw, FMA fans on my f-list: my sister stopped reading the manga round about the Ishbal flashback, and is now stuck for a good point to jump back in at. Can anyone recommend a chapter? And does anyone know of a site that does chapter summaries?

I am LOVING Doctor Who so far this series. It actually feels like a proper arc from one episode to the next this time. And I really don't get why people are saying that Amy's sorta wooden. My sister acts a lot like her and she actually does become "wooden" and impassive if she's not directly involved in anything, and yet is completely bonkers and impulsive when she's engaged with either us or people she knows. Same goes for the Tenth Doctor's "overacting" - my brother acts ridiculously over the top on an almost daily basis. And me, I act like a cross between the two most days (maybe a bit of Eleven thrown in). I guess people like the three of us really aren't very common in real life.

In my final month of Uni now, and me and my sister are both gearing up for our final presentations (we're on the same course). After that's done we're going to start working on a project that we've been bouncing around ideas for.

Oh, and I'm a prat - I picked up a case for my DS Lite from GAME's bargain bin this afternoon, and when I got home it turned out to be a DSi only case (in my defence, the packaging says "DSi compatible", not "DSi only"). So I've got to get that exchanged on Tuesday now. Did get some new headphones pretty cheap though, so it wasn't completely wasted.

And yeah, this post is how my brain works at any one time - several different things at once. XD
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I'm now 9 hours into SoulSilver after a slight problem in starting a new game after trading over Cyndaquil to [ profile] angelbless' HeartGold game (you have to erase the old save first? Who came up with that idea). Somehow, I wound up with a female Totodile, to the utter amazement of the others (especially my sister as she's been trying to get a female Chikorita ever since the original games). And as if I haven't problems with getting attached to these little bundles of pixels in the first place, the "lead Pokémon follows you" thing is now making it ten times worse.

Btw, what on Earth is with all the female Pokemon? I swear didn't see a male for about two hours today. And is Falkner a Time Lord? Because even with the size difference between outdoor and indoor in these game taken into account, that gym is still bigger on the inside.

I've also managed to get the DSs online using a stupidly long modem cable (and why do we even have that?), an ethernet cable, my old iMac and some tinkering with a firewall. Obviously, it needs to be turned on before we can get online, and the range can't reach upstairs, but it's working.

Friend code is: Leanne 2622 5015 5349. Will trade for Piplup egg/hatchling.

Now off to train Mareep. Which would be easier if she already had Thundershock.

PS: Also have Professor Layton and Pandora's Box. It's like having the puzzle section of our old Find Out More magazine collection in video-game form.
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So today we get a letter saying that we have exceeded the Fair Usage limit on our unlimited broadband - Orange have a cap at 40gb or 50gb, depending on who you ask/which way the wind's blowing, for both uploads and downloads, but this is stated absolutely nowhere in their terms (and we certainly weren't informed about it) and if you ask me is a blatant piece of false advertising. Apparently we exceeded it by 20 gigs, and we're having trouble working out how because despite increased usage of iPlayer and as many as 4 computers using it at once, as well as the Wii, we can't see how it adds up to 60 gigs, because large file sizes for streaming are not practical and murder on the servers.

What makes this even more infuriating is that my dad specifically asked if it was unlimited because me and Hayley are multimedia students and as such will use up a lot of bandwidth anyway, and he was told that would be fine. Obviously it's not, and I've now come to the conclusion that they've been capping us for months without informing us. The sneaky arseholes! They've also basically told us to "stop using the Internet because you're ruining it for everyone else". I think you're doing a fine job of that already without our help.

Mum and Dad are now looking at Sky broadband, as that's stated as truly unlimited (and it needs to be now that they have Sky Player).

On a lighter note (or not), Henry's head finally fell off, which is a relief since we have no idea how it was staying on and it was starting to scare us a bit.

See that? That shouldn't be possible with full sun beating down on it. Trust my siblings to go and make a snowman that defies the laws of physics.
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Okay, so I decided to bite the bullet and upgrade to a Plus Account. The only thing that's been stopping me really is how the ads would affect my layout - it's alright for me since I use Ad Block Plus (I'm not an ad fan, they usually play havoc with my browser windows), but those who don't would see a right mess.

So I donned my programmer's hat and fired up Dreamweaver (bit of an FYI: I'm a visual worker, so I copy the sources of various journal pages into a new html file, remove the control strip and then change the CSS reference to the file on my computer to let me see what I'm doing - saves on bandwidth I can tell ya). Although I couldn't get it to work at first until I realised I still had the online CSS linked up. *facepalm* I ended up with a happy accident - whilst working on fixing the entry pages (the comments were a pain in the arse to get into place), in my attempt to get the main entry to stay inside the journal width I inadvertently knocked the vertical ad box out of the page block altogether. The same thing occurred on the Archive page and I was incredibly surprised that you could move them that far out, but I'm not complaining!

I didn't think I'd get ads to work alongside this layout, and it took me ages to make it in the first place (mainly because I painted the header image myself), so I'm now very happy and a tad smug.

PS: Started thinking over the current Animation project for Uni today (create at least two characters that could be part of a franchise [think Sonic the Hedgehog. On second thoughts, that's not a good example]). Anyway, I was thinking about it on the bus this morning and after a flash of inspiration my brain then proceeds to come up with a whole setting and story based around it. As if there wasn't enough running around in there already.

PPS: Semagic's working (finally).
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And it has sprinkles!

... Although it was over a day late ('cos there wasn't any time to make it on the day). So I ended up with the family singing "Happy Belated Birthday" to me. Dad went for full blown operatic tenor, much to our amusement (my sister was worried he'd snuff out the candles).

So it was my birthday on Friday (I'm now 22 - although the way people harp on about Matt Smith's age I may as well not even be out of nappies yet) - and we were up at the crack of dawn to go to Uni because Dad had a meeting and the school run screw up the bus timetables (why is that school still manages to screw you over after you've left?). I got Watchmen, which I'd been meaning to get for some time for 3 reasons: 1) the movie trailers look awesome, 2) it's listed as one of the greatest graphic novels of all time and 3) it's set in an alternate 1985 and I'm a massive geek for alternate time-lines. Read one chapter and I'm enjoying it, although Rorschach's mask is rather unnerving to look at. Didn't get anything else, since the other stuff I want isn't out till April at the earliest (Doctor Who: The Forgotten, and there's another DW graphic novel out later in the year called The Dalek Project).

Going with[ profile] angelbless to the Midlands Expo in 3 weeks. We have a deal, sorta - I get to go to the live robot fights if I join in with the group Hare Hare Yukai and Caramelldansen (and Levan Polka). Fair enough. I'm debating whether to take along my mage hat and just wear it with my blue leather jacket so that I look kinda like a mage (well, it could work). I'm also looking for an artist's satchel to take my sketchbook in since my Uni bag's a bit big.

And I'm slightly miffed at Deepest Sender (a Firefox extension for posting to LJ). It's alright being able to save drafts as xml, but you can't transfer said drafts from one computer to another because it wipes the content except for the header (who on Earth thought that was a good idea? I thought the whole point of saving was to have a backup) and it won't load any xml file not saved by Deepest Sender, so as I jump from a mac to a Vista laptop and back again a lot this is really annoying. Even more annoying is the fact that there's no mac equivalent of Semagic (what I'm using atm) - save for Xjournal but that doesn't save as xml or even txt tiles and it doesn't have a WYSIWYG modem, and the supposed equivalent Xemagic seems to be dead. *sigh*

Now to go and attempt to install Unreal Tournament 2004 (for Uni purposes, honest).

PS: It's finally snowed here. You're a bit late, Xmas was a month ago.

ETA: Semagic can't locate the server. Guess I'll stick with Deepest Sender then.


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