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Today is week three of my job, and it's going great so far. As I have far better equipment at home (I nearly keeled over when I saw the system specs on their computers), I go in on Mondays for general feedback/admin work, and then spend the rest of the week working from home. Which is quite fortunate given how shocking some of the roads are in the current weather. With any luck I'll be able to get my iPod connect to the office wifi next week, because having net access on that thing is becoming a pain. And hopefully the next desk I'm sat at won't end up under a pile of my work.

Last week, though, I had a bit of a shock. I watch this internet show called "What The F*** is Wrong With You!?" which highlights shining examples of human stupidity, and in the latest episode we had the show's first death. So, who had the honour of being the person dumb enough to end up on there?

A guy my age from my local area, who overdosed on enough caffeine to, in the words of the host: "briefly allow him to see backwards in time."

What I didn't notice until I watched the episode again on Friday, though, was the guy's name. At which point I realised that not only did I live in the same area as this idiot, I knew this idiot. You see, this guy was actually an old school-friend of mine; and whose stand-out moment was an act of public indecency in the school playground aged 10 (lets just say he couldn't keep it in his pants).

And the worst part is that, once I got past the shock, I wasn't even surprised by how it happened. Why? Because my school year was infamous for being both completely insane and having little to no common sense, with my sister's year not far behind. Believe it or not, "caffeine overdose" is one of the less stupid things I've known my peers to do.

And I still cannot believe I've had to say that.
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Because he's never had a proper introduction.

This is Tails, my 10-year-old goldfish.

To say this little guy is... unusual is a bit of an understatement. Firstly, he has three tail-fins. Secondly, about a month after I got him he developed bruising on his right gill cover and over the following weeks it curled back to expose the membranes (that's the flash of pink you can see on his side). The same accident resulted in a lop-sided mouth and him being bug-eyed on his right side. And yet despite this he's outlived both of his tank-mates and the numerous tank clean-outs (which apparently ought to have made him keel over well before now). I know goldfish are hardy, but he really takes the cake sometimes.

And here's a better view of why I called him Tails:

I suspect his tail has kicked up like that because his tank is now too small for him, which will be rectified soon when I get him a new tank as his current hex-aquarium has just about had it (it's well over ten years old now, so it's had a good innings). It won't be massively bigger than his old one, because I don't have the room, but it'll be a box tank this time so he'll definitely have more room. Which he'll be happy about, because it means he'll have more room to play with us.

You see, he often spends his time "dancing" at the front of his tank whenever I'm around - and I know it's not because he's hungry, because sometimes I'll feed him and he'll carry on dancing until I point up at it. If I wiggle my fingers in front of his tank he will follow them around, and if I either call his name or snap my fingers he'll immediately turn around and swim towards me. It's amazing how affectionate he is, because he always swims around the part of the tank nearest to me and perks up the moment I walk in the room. He's a real joy to have around.

I guess I'm kinda being both sentimental and pessimistic with this post, because I'm mainly writing it so that I'll have something to remember him by should the worst happen after putting him in his new tank. But the little guy's a fighter and I'm not about to count him out yet, so all going well I'll be able to post some pictures of him settled into his new tank and continuing to make a nuisance of himself. Hopefully they will be better pics than these ones, but knowing him that's very unlikely.

Now if you'll excuse me, someone looks like he wants his supper.
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So I'm back. And it was actually drier up in the Lakes than it currently is down here. Well, it was until Thursday, anyway. Most of the time, it was a combination of sun and rain, which ended up creating a sight I had never seen before:

No trickery, it was genuinely that low down. This was taken on our way back to Ambleside via the Kirkstone Pass while we were sat in a car park. And we kept on seeing rainbows like this one throughout the week. It was quite amazing.

And this is what I brought while I was there )
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Got my results today: I got a 2:2 and was just missed out on a 2:1 by about 1%. To quote Kryten: "I'm almost annoyed." Still, I passed! Which means I graduate next month along with my sister, who actually got the same grade as me and was roughly the same amount off a 2:1 as well (a bizarre coincidence by any standards).

In other news, I've become addicted to Robot Unicorn Attack. I've now got Erasure stuck in my head on loop.

Oh, before I forget; a church we pass on our way into Nottingham currently has the best sign I have ever seen:
"The son's shine eclipses twilight."
Well played, Mr. Sign Maker, very well played. It's not often you can pull off a hurricane of puns in just 5 words.
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Okay, so it was my birthday on Saturday. I'm not really one for making a fuss over it, so I kinda let it slip by the wayside, but due to me being both anal about facts and too honest for my own good, I felt I ought to mention it - I only mentioned it on the recent [ profile] fandomsecrets friending meme because it was happening on my birthday.

Speaking of which, hi new friends! I'm dropping you all in at the deep end here, as I still haven't mastered the art of being brief. X3;;

Funny hats and Black Mage weapons, amongst other things (slight spoilers for Doctor Who) )
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I went to the Midlands Expo with Hayley ([ profile] angelbless) and my friend Emily on yesterday and met up why Hayley's online friend, also called Emily (I'm referring to my Emily as Em and Hayley's as Emily for the rest of this). It. Was. AWESOME. I have photos, I have more video than my hard drives can stomach (and my laptop so hates me for it) so I'm going to have to make another post just for the video (YouTube is going to hate love me).

Photos and shenanigans through here )


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