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And FMA went out with, well...

FMA 108 Spoilers )

PS: In what was very surprising news to me, Supernatural is being turned into an anime. I have expressed no interest in the show itself up till now, but my interest is piqued (on a less mature note, odds on a Doctor Who anime just got slashed :D ).
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Another year, and another Tomb Raider game done and dusted by my mum (yes, my mum's a gamer - this has its advantages). And Tomb Raider: Underworld leaves a sense of... disappointment? Dissatisfaction? That the developers need to be hit around the head with a newspaper?

As it turns out, it's all three. The two glaring problems were 1) it was ridiculously short (Mum usually takes a month at least to finish a TR game) and 2) it was riddled with an incredible amount of glitches. I won't discuss the gameplay here (me and my sister will be tearing it a new one over at our Uni blogs) - no, my gripe here is with the plot, which used Norse myth.

Spoilers for TR Anniversary, Legend, Underworld and Norse myth )
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To breath life back into my LJ after two years, here's my opinion on Journey's End. But, thanks to my brain dissecting it and applying copious amounts of fridge logic, it ended up half review, half speculation, with a wish list for series 5/6 (no idea if the numbering has been decided on for that yet) tagged on at the end.

Warning: this is a rather long ramble. Whether it's meaningful is open to debate.

If you got through all that, you deserve a medal.
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It's been an odd few weeks with Doctor Who, and as it nears the end of its second run you do have to wonder at what direction it was aiming for in the first place. Then again, Voyager suffered from the same problems, and that series had more episodes in a season to get a good story arc going. And had the two-parter down pat.

There's a definate tendancy for any story to drag it's heels in the middle (the FMA manga is suffering from this at the moment) or, with tv shows constrained to three-quarters of an hour, get 45 minute syndrome, where they realise that they've paced it wrong and have to resolve the whole thing in 10 minutes. Star Trek is riddled with it. Doctor Who isn't any different, although you got to admit it tries its best to at least keep the pace in check.

Spoilers for DW eps 5 to 11 )

Now for the finale - may it hurry up and get to Saturday already before my imagination gets anymore out of control. Who needs a sugar rush when you've got this?
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Been a while hasn't it? Ok, maybe not that long but you know what I mean.

A few things have been pre-occupying me, one: I have my FMP to work on, two: I've taken to writing notes for plot ideas for my story idea - watching too much tv is not a good ide if you want to nod off at night. And three: Doctor Who came back on. Nuff said.

One of my bad habits while watching programs is to make comments (usually of the receive-a-smack-upside-the-head varity), and well, I like making commentary on something.

So here are short reviews (I have catch up to do) for all of the new season DW eps with the 10th Doc including the Children in Need scene and the Christmas Invasion (lumped together because technically they part one and the same).

And spoilers obviously, so if you don't want to know what happens don't read.

Christmas Invasion + CIN scene )

New Earth )

Tooth and Claw )

School Reunion )
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Birthday tomorrow - 19 years old, although I swear I drop a few years mentally between now and then. Somewhat glad that we're starting new projects, running around finishing them off is a hell of a lot more stressful than starting. Plus I can goof off a bit more and spent time drawing and on my game.

Before I go on I'm getting real annoyed by this persistant twitch under my left eye - and now my right's started! Argh! And I've got the zit equivelant of a small pea stuck in my lughole (mind you it's gotten a bit smaller now).

Less of my whining now, and onto the real reason I'm posting... )

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What a week. College is being one hell of a pain. At least there was some comic relief throughout.

College woes )

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