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Because lets face it, I need to quit rambling so damn much.

  • Kayli (that rainbow coloured sugary stuff) is surprising good at kicking your brain into gear, even if it doesn't point it in the right direction.
  • Boils on your side are a right pain, especially if they're on the side you like to sleep on. x_X
  • Plaster itches.
  • Visualisation is another pain - why is it so much more demanding that the other pathways?
  • On the other hand, Animation and Games rock - I've got weird creature and a steampunk airship, respectively.
  • SPP not so much, a 3000 word essay due in two weeks, and we need to also sort out research and client project proposals. Good thing we're talking to our Animation lecturer tomorrow.
  • Livejournal doesn't know whether it's up or down. It's almost as bad as the Orange website.
  • Switching over to Sky Broadband tomorrow - hopefully this router will be easier to connect to than the Livebox was. The Wii may end up having to time-share with Dad's laptop (4 computers allowed to connect, max).
  • Still reading Watchmen - intend to finish it before I see it in cinemas.
  • My brain is weird. I still have no idea why I dreamt about David Tennant presenting Comic Relief a couple of weeks ago. Maybe I should lay off reading Doctor Who comms before bed.
  • Said brain is also brilliant at making connections between things and creating plot bunnies. As of now, FMA and Doctor Who are linked together in a way that makes far more sense than it should.
  • Coming up with a fanfic plot for said bunnies is a very good way to get my brain to quit going on about it (well, not as much as it would otherwise).
  • New FMA anime soon yay! Xerxes flashback in manga however is really creepy. o.o
  • Really should rename that 'general' tag.

Snow Day!

Feb. 5th, 2009 08:06 pm
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Because me and my sister [ profile] angelbless didn't go to Uni today thanks the lack of grit for the roads (and I didn't want a repeat of Monday when I was nearly sent flying due to the bus driver clipping a roundabout), we spent the day doing what everyone else was - we made snowmen! (three of them)

Follow me for pics and a touch of insanity )
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And it has sprinkles!

... Although it was over a day late ('cos there wasn't any time to make it on the day). So I ended up with the family singing "Happy Belated Birthday" to me. Dad went for full blown operatic tenor, much to our amusement (my sister was worried he'd snuff out the candles).

So it was my birthday on Friday (I'm now 22 - although the way people harp on about Matt Smith's age I may as well not even be out of nappies yet) - and we were up at the crack of dawn to go to Uni because Dad had a meeting and the school run screw up the bus timetables (why is that school still manages to screw you over after you've left?). I got Watchmen, which I'd been meaning to get for some time for 3 reasons: 1) the movie trailers look awesome, 2) it's listed as one of the greatest graphic novels of all time and 3) it's set in an alternate 1985 and I'm a massive geek for alternate time-lines. Read one chapter and I'm enjoying it, although Rorschach's mask is rather unnerving to look at. Didn't get anything else, since the other stuff I want isn't out till April at the earliest (Doctor Who: The Forgotten, and there's another DW graphic novel out later in the year called The Dalek Project).

Going with[ profile] angelbless to the Midlands Expo in 3 weeks. We have a deal, sorta - I get to go to the live robot fights if I join in with the group Hare Hare Yukai and Caramelldansen (and Levan Polka). Fair enough. I'm debating whether to take along my mage hat and just wear it with my blue leather jacket so that I look kinda like a mage (well, it could work). I'm also looking for an artist's satchel to take my sketchbook in since my Uni bag's a bit big.

And I'm slightly miffed at Deepest Sender (a Firefox extension for posting to LJ). It's alright being able to save drafts as xml, but you can't transfer said drafts from one computer to another because it wipes the content except for the header (who on Earth thought that was a good idea? I thought the whole point of saving was to have a backup) and it won't load any xml file not saved by Deepest Sender, so as I jump from a mac to a Vista laptop and back again a lot this is really annoying. Even more annoying is the fact that there's no mac equivalent of Semagic (what I'm using atm) - save for Xjournal but that doesn't save as xml or even txt tiles and it doesn't have a WYSIWYG modem, and the supposed equivalent Xemagic seems to be dead. *sigh*

Now to go and attempt to install Unreal Tournament 2004 (for Uni purposes, honest).

PS: It's finally snowed here. You're a bit late, Xmas was a month ago.

ETA: Semagic can't locate the server. Guess I'll stick with Deepest Sender then.
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Haven't posted in a while, so the contents of this post are random, random, with a double side-order of insanity.

Cue quiz weirdness )


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