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So I'm back. And it was actually drier up in the Lakes than it currently is down here. Well, it was until Thursday, anyway. Most of the time, it was a combination of sun and rain, which ended up creating a sight I had never seen before:

No trickery, it was genuinely that low down. This was taken on our way back to Ambleside via the Kirkstone Pass while we were sat in a car park. And we kept on seeing rainbows like this one throughout the week. It was quite amazing.

And this is what I brought while I was there )
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On Friday I'm off to the Lake District with the rest of the family for a week. Hopefully my ankle will have sorted itself out by the time we get there (pro tip: if your ankle makes a resounding crack, that's probably not a good thing).

I've sort of left packing to the last minute. Well, not entirely, since Mum deals with the clothes and essentials via use of her Awesome Packing Skills™ (we're pretty sure she makes the bags and cupboards bigger on the inside), and I actually know where everything I want to pack is, I just need to gather it up. Currently on the list of things to take are books, art materials, Nintendo DS plus games, camcorder plus extras and anything else I can fit in my satchel.

Oh, and a recorder. Yesterday I decided to take up playing it again for the first time since Junior School (ages 7-10, for those wondering), and I'm taking it with me to practice (bottom C is quite tricky to reach without squeaking). Although what I really want to learn to play is the Tin Whistle (I always want to join in when I hear one, they're just wonderful), so I'm keeping an eye out for one whilst we're up there. Who knows? Maybe if I get good enough my sister and I can take both along to an expo and start random hoe-downs (she plays recorder and clarinet).

(btw, someone has indeed done the Doctor Who theme on the recorder, but unfortunately it happens to sound like a cat that's being simultaneously strangled and electrocuted)
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I've been meaning to post here again before I went back to Uni - but I wasn't planning on it being about this:

Stephen Gately dies at 33.

I am utterly speechless and saddened by the news. My sister [ profile] angelbless was a big Boyzone fan when she was younger, and so was I by extension (I know I kept borrowing her CDs). Stephen was always my favourite, he sung like an angel and it always amused me that his speaking voice and singing voice were at complete odds with one another (my surprise when I first heard him speak was quite comical).

Me and [ profile] angelbless were talking only last night about how we hadn't actually stopped being Boyzone fans, and we're still a bit freaked out by the coincidence. If I'm honest I'm not sure I'll be able to listen to any of their songs ever again without getting sad. Just listening to A Different Beat has made me weepy (it's my favourite alongside No Matter What).

Rest in peace Stephen, we'll miss you. :(


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