Jan. 2nd, 2010 01:27 am
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Late to the party, but Happy New Year!

I'm still processing The End of Time. I feel oddly detached from the whole thing - I still feel sad, and there's a sort of hollow feeling at the thought of not seeing Ten or David acting like the fanboy he is again, but it seems... distant. Like it's happened to somebody else. Is this how the Doctor feels after regeneration? It's quite surreal.

Right now, my mind is running at 300 miles per hours and I can't seem to sit and focus on any one thing, not even Ten!Lem (he's coming along nicely though). Instead my brain is running through temporal theory and time loops and alternate universes and going "Oi! He's not gone for good you know! He's still knocking around in other universes! And I'm not letting you drop that crossover after two flipping years because of bloody canon!" (my subconscious is a rather rebellious git)

I need sleep. All this has only served to give me a headache and I'd rather not start tackling this kind of thing at this time of night. But you know what? I'm tired of having all these ideas going around in my head and being afraid to share them in case people point and laugh at me. So sod it, when I get up tomorrow I'm going to do something about it!
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I've been meaning to post here again before I went back to Uni - but I wasn't planning on it being about this:

Stephen Gately dies at 33.

I am utterly speechless and saddened by the news. My sister [ profile] angelbless was a big Boyzone fan when she was younger, and so was I by extension (I know I kept borrowing her CDs). Stephen was always my favourite, he sung like an angel and it always amused me that his speaking voice and singing voice were at complete odds with one another (my surprise when I first heard him speak was quite comical).

Me and [ profile] angelbless were talking only last night about how we hadn't actually stopped being Boyzone fans, and we're still a bit freaked out by the coincidence. If I'm honest I'm not sure I'll be able to listen to any of their songs ever again without getting sad. Just listening to A Different Beat has made me weepy (it's my favourite alongside No Matter What).

Rest in peace Stephen, we'll miss you. :(


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