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Just popping in (a bit late, I admit) to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, or whichever holiday you celebrate. I'd list them all but it's late, I've had more sugar that I should and attempts at spellings would be... creative to say the least (my spell checker is a teensy bit thick). And I'm pretty sure at least one of them would be made-up as well. Anyway, I hope you all had a great day.

Also, an apology - my last post was me packing to go on holiday in July and I haven't posted since. Not really sure why I didn't, but I had probably gone into one of my anti-social phases and by the time I came out of it I think I just plain forgot - it was only last week I actually realised how long it'd been since I'd posted (I really would make a crap Time Lord. But I'd probably make a good Eleven). So yeah. Sorry about that.
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After the opportunity arose to get a Dreamwidth invite code, I figured I may as well do it now rather than later. After all, it's a known fact l that anything technology related can and go wrong at the slightest provocation, so Plan B is always a good idea.

And almost as soon as I sign and imported everything over, LJ goes bananas. When I said "one false move and we're looking at blank screens for three months" in my last post, I wasn't being serious about it!

So anyway, this is me testing both asLJ's posting to Dreamwidth (apparently it's a bit buggy) and Dreamwidth's crossposting feature. And yeah, if any of you already have a Dreamwidth, can you tell me your username so I can add you?

Off on a tangent now - my mum found this out for my planned Steampunk cosplay:

It's my dad's old pocket watch (and apparently he glued it shut). The sound it makes is just awesome.
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Figured I ought to actually use this for its intended purpose again.

So, I'm clearing out the plastic chest of drawers (or "art trunk", as I call it) next to my mac at the moment. The reason? I got this a couple of weeks ago:

I've always wanted one of these since I was a kid, and during a visit to Hobbycraft (an awesome store with everything under the sun for artistic types) they had this desk at £95. They usually cost £200, minimum. Sure, it's got a wonky wheel (problem with the weld) but it's pretty sturdy. So I'm finding and putting my art materials in the two side drawers. And I'm a little amazed at what I've got in this art trunk:

Cut for sanity's sake )
And this is one drawer. There are four.

Oh, and as for LJ's nomination for "Biggest Prats of The Year," I'm currently trying to decide who is being stupider in this whole fiasco - the LJ staff, or some of the users (why does anger make people stupider?).

My thoughts on the subject )

Also, I feel I need to apologise to my f-list. I know there's no obligation to comment on other people's journals, but I can't help but feel I'm letting some of you down. I do read every single post you guys make, though, even if it results in me face-planting on the keyboard at 2am (for the record: ow).

PS: the Red Arrows flew past my bedroom window earlier. That was unexpected.
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Since this keeps popping up on my f-list:

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Most of you will assume that my nickname is Blue because it's my favourite colour. Well, you'd be right, but funnily enough that wasn't the main reason I chose that name.

It mainly comes from when I was a Yu-Gi-Oh! fan and really into the card game (for the record, I was much better at the Pokemon TCG), and my favourite card was, surprise surprise, the Blue-Eyes White Dragon (it's also the origin of my deviantART username). So, when I signed up to my first forum, I picked Blue2393 as my username (it's the card's initials on a phone keypad, in case you were wondering). What I hadn't banked on was the fact that many of the other members never seemed to shorten names, so I was constantly being called the full thing. Which was fine for the most part, except people kept getting it wrong. And being someone who has a bit of a compulsion to correct people, it drove me potty. So, first name-change day the forum had, I asked them to lop the numbers off (no reason was needed since it was my known berserk button).

Now by the time I discovered Livejournal, lots of people knew me as Blue, so I'd already decided to keep "Blue" in my username. Thing is, Blue's a common nickname, so I needed to add something to it, and I sure as hell wasn't going the numbers router again. As it happens, my sister was playing Final Fantasy X around that time, and I'd become rather fascinated by the aeons in the game, and especially Bahamut. I loved the word and thought "hey, that's a combination I wouldn't mind being called." The rest is, well, you get the picture.

The other variation I have is BlueSilver, which is a tribute to my favourite Pokemon game.
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*rubs backside* I've just spent the past hour going through one of my bookshelves and reorganising it so I can get to the books easier (I have a large dragon garden ornament sat in front of it most of the time. Don't ask). Needless to say I've now been reminded why chairs were invented.

As far as months go, not a world beater. Primeval's been cancelled - I'm fast running out of viewing material, good thing FMA's on (Robin Hood doesn't count, it's almost painful for this Nottinghamshire local to watch sometimes) - and Dad's no longer in work (and 'suss' doesn't even begin to cover my opinion of the whole situation) though it is great to have him home. We've got an untrustworthy... I can't think of a polite way of saying 'moron', in charge, MPs that don't use their salaries to pay for things like the rest of us. Oh, and Iran's about to go off the deep end. Apparently we're "treacherous and evil" - I wasn't aware we were on good enough terms with Iran (or on any terms, for that matter) for us to betray them.

Btw, do NOT go to Conventry for the first time without a map. The place is a honest-to-god rabbit warren, and we got spectacularly lost trying to find a particular shop (sat-navs are rendered absolutely useless as well, to the point where the satellite goes AWOL). Good thing I'm pretty good with directions, which stopped us getting lost on the way back. Also, the entrance/exit to the car park was a flippin' helter skelter. Motion sickness ahoy! @_@

Currently, I'm in talk with my parents over getting a new iMac (my current one, incredibly reliable as it is, is unable to keep up with me). It's a "wait and see - don't get your hopes up" kind of thing at the moment (mind you, seeing as my mum is known for switching her moods rather abruptly -most of the time I can't read her at all - that might go back and forth for a bit, I've given up pre-empting her). I guess I'll know for sure after we've been on holiday in about 3 or 4 weeks' time. I do have my side of the bargain to hold up, which is a) sort out mine and my sister's joint paypal account so we can do commissions and sell stuff (done, no thanks to the EU making the whole thing more confusing than it should have) and b) help out around the house - which I assume includes cleaning my room, which Lord knows needs doing, hence shuffling the bookshelves.
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Because lets face it, I need to quit rambling so damn much.

  • Kayli (that rainbow coloured sugary stuff) is surprising good at kicking your brain into gear, even if it doesn't point it in the right direction.
  • Boils on your side are a right pain, especially if they're on the side you like to sleep on. x_X
  • Plaster itches.
  • Visualisation is another pain - why is it so much more demanding that the other pathways?
  • On the other hand, Animation and Games rock - I've got weird creature and a steampunk airship, respectively.
  • SPP not so much, a 3000 word essay due in two weeks, and we need to also sort out research and client project proposals. Good thing we're talking to our Animation lecturer tomorrow.
  • Livejournal doesn't know whether it's up or down. It's almost as bad as the Orange website.
  • Switching over to Sky Broadband tomorrow - hopefully this router will be easier to connect to than the Livebox was. The Wii may end up having to time-share with Dad's laptop (4 computers allowed to connect, max).
  • Still reading Watchmen - intend to finish it before I see it in cinemas.
  • My brain is weird. I still have no idea why I dreamt about David Tennant presenting Comic Relief a couple of weeks ago. Maybe I should lay off reading Doctor Who comms before bed.
  • Said brain is also brilliant at making connections between things and creating plot bunnies. As of now, FMA and Doctor Who are linked together in a way that makes far more sense than it should.
  • Coming up with a fanfic plot for said bunnies is a very good way to get my brain to quit going on about it (well, not as much as it would otherwise).
  • New FMA anime soon yay! Xerxes flashback in manga however is really creepy. o.o
  • Really should rename that 'general' tag.
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Okay, so I decided to bite the bullet and upgrade to a Plus Account. The only thing that's been stopping me really is how the ads would affect my layout - it's alright for me since I use Ad Block Plus (I'm not an ad fan, they usually play havoc with my browser windows), but those who don't would see a right mess.

So I donned my programmer's hat and fired up Dreamweaver (bit of an FYI: I'm a visual worker, so I copy the sources of various journal pages into a new html file, remove the control strip and then change the CSS reference to the file on my computer to let me see what I'm doing - saves on bandwidth I can tell ya). Although I couldn't get it to work at first until I realised I still had the online CSS linked up. *facepalm* I ended up with a happy accident - whilst working on fixing the entry pages (the comments were a pain in the arse to get into place), in my attempt to get the main entry to stay inside the journal width I inadvertently knocked the vertical ad box out of the page block altogether. The same thing occurred on the Archive page and I was incredibly surprised that you could move them that far out, but I'm not complaining!

I didn't think I'd get ads to work alongside this layout, and it took me ages to make it in the first place (mainly because I painted the header image myself), so I'm now very happy and a tad smug.

PS: Started thinking over the current Animation project for Uni today (create at least two characters that could be part of a franchise [think Sonic the Hedgehog. On second thoughts, that's not a good example]). Anyway, I was thinking about it on the bus this morning and after a flash of inspiration my brain then proceeds to come up with a whole setting and story based around it. As if there wasn't enough running around in there already.

PPS: Semagic's working (finally).
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The Doctor Who fandom predictably explodes, ITV fall flat on their faces yet again, FMA coming back (yay!) and the perils of an active imagination, and I get round to finally posting a picture of me being the complete dork that I am.

Long post again )
*sigh* These entries wouldn't be so long if I remembered to actually post more often.
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Well it's taken me a while, but I've finally finished the new css for my journal.

Now considering I don't know what goes where when it comes to Smooth Sailing's div tags I nosed around for one I could download and then hack the devil outta it in Dreamweaver (if you're a visual person like me you'll understand how useful a graphical preview is).

The original css file was created by [ profile] poulpette in this entry - I just got the source from my journal and hooked it up to the css in DW. Then I changed all the colours, changed widths and fonts (as well as everything else that I didn't like), and changed the pictures. The person said not to modify the images, they didn't say anything about exchanging them for completely different ones altogether. Plus me now begin a lot more knowledagble in the css department than when I started I had some fun with the background-image command.

What I didn't realise was that I had to clean the damn code to kingdom come before LJ could have a stab at reading it. Still got some bugs to work out mind, I'll look at them later.

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Whoops, didn't realize I haven't posted here in a while.

Apart from FMA ending ;_; I've been running around like a headless chicken. And believe me when I say you're better off not asking why. We've started our Final Major Projects. Typical insanity notwithstanding (I still don't know just how one of the guys managed to goof off for most of the morning without the tutor cottoning on), college have excelled themselves in terms of chaos. I don't whether I'm coming or going, upside-down or horizontal - it's barking.

I'll spare you any more insanity... )
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If only for the hilarious image of all the fangirls keeling over at the sight of Ed in the shower XD. Wasn't quite expecting that, but Ed bursting out the cubicle with only Al's conviently placed - for him, but not for the fandom - shoulder to preseve his dignity was just sheer comic brilliance. Speaking of which, I'm still waiting on the the rest of that chapter being translated. Roy's far too calm for my liking, I have a very bad feeling about this.

Of course talking to my friend about it lead to me having to give a quick rundown of what's dfferent between the anime and the manga - maybe this'll teach her not to skip pages.

And while I'm currently looking at it - who the hell is the idiot responsible for the new ad layouts on devART? Someone sack him quick, it's a violation of good web design which you'd think would be rather hard to do on an art community site. Oo that gives me an idea .*screengrabs the site for college research*
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Birthday tomorrow - 19 years old, although I swear I drop a few years mentally between now and then. Somewhat glad that we're starting new projects, running around finishing them off is a hell of a lot more stressful than starting. Plus I can goof off a bit more and spent time drawing and on my game.

Before I go on I'm getting real annoyed by this persistant twitch under my left eye - and now my right's started! Argh! And I've got the zit equivelant of a small pea stuck in my lughole (mind you it's gotten a bit smaller now).

Less of my whining now, and onto the real reason I'm posting... )

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Stuck under here for screwing up the colour scheme )
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Ah Saturaday! First week back at college and I weren't half looking forward to having a lie in.

Odd thing is, I ain't seen hide nor tail of most of my online friends. In fact most activity at the moment is zero...

Oh yeah, and am I the only who thinks that ch 55 of FMA was a little bit of an anti-climax? I was kinda hoping for something totally kickass.

At least when we hit a FMA drought I'll have Chrono Crusade to keep me occupied.
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Learned three things over the past weekend.

1) Playing Eyetoy for 30 minute periods two days in a row when you're not used to major exercise leaves you feeling it for the next two days.

2) Having a mac situated behind a sofa where people can turn round and be nosy about what you're doing is both annoying and off-putting. Especially when you ask them not to and they're all like "well you ask what I want to use the computer for so I can be nosy about what you're doing". Asking what you need to use the computer for if you're gonna be on it for short periods of time like surf the net is completely different to asking what you're working on if it's creative - I do not like showing my work to other people save for online. I'm rather shy about it.

3) Japanese anime VA's rock when it comes to singing. This track I'm loving at the moment is called Goodbye sung by Ed's, Al's, Winry's, Hughes' and Roy's VAs. Talk about catchy.

Well laters all.
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Happy New Year everyone!

Xmas was brill, I got everything I wanted and got to watch some top-notch sci-fi to boot.

If some of you have been visiting here you'll spot something different - the journal title's changed. I realised the original name was the name I wanted for my fiction. I'm a such a nimrod at times. ^_^ The community is set up, but be patient while I sort it out.

And just for fun I took this quiz:

I love Butterfrees anyway, so I don't mind at all.
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In the name of all that is sacred I cannot figure a name for my fiction! Basic snatches of a half decent plot come to me but I want to be able to call this damn thing something. Preferablely something minus the word dragon - although Dragon's Soul is a really good name the slight problem is that it's the title of my journal. >_<;

Inspiration better strick otherwise... I'll do something rather drastic like, I dunno, sulk? I'll bet anything it will come to me during a time when I can't work on it.

In other news (god I sound like a newsreader) I've nearly finished [ profile] angelbless's birthday surprise. I say nearly instead of practically because she's been sat in the same room on the laptop all day facing the mac screen! How the hell am I supposed to finish it if she does that? Suppose I should do my main Christmas pic.
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It's official, I am a geek. The fact Livejournal has a download sections for clients was a dead cert that I would be downloading and tinkering (is that a technical term? o_O) with the clients listed.

Trying out programs is fun.. mostly )
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I’m thinking of altering my layout again, this one (Flexible Squares) is a little.... boxy? It’s nice don’t get me wrong, but it doesn’t seen to suit me fully. But not without screencapping my current settings mind - I’ll want these colours when I tinkering with S2 again. Better check what layout offers what again.
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On Saturday I got perhaps the best news you could ever receive for a Final Fantasy fan: Vivi from IX is gonna be in Kingdom Hearts 2!! After months of hoping that the best FF game ever (IMHO) would finally be included in KH2 we've finally got what we wanted. Now all that's needed is for Zidane and a couple of other characters from IX to also be in there (and Bahamut - here's hoping!) and Square-Enix will have rocketed up in our estimations.

*does a victory dance* Yippee!



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