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Bit late, but Happy New Year everyone! (This is going to sound a bit random, but has anyone else's internal calendar gone out of whack? I keep thinking it's Wednesday not Tuesday)

I've also found the next Doctor Who Lemming! Even later than usual this time.

In his defence, his TARDIS doesn't work properly )

PS: Turns out that no, asLJ does not allow you to crosspost to communities, as my posting screw-up just now has proved.
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First off, I've made some new friends since my last post so here's a belated hello! *waves* I apologise for the gap - even my pet goldfish outdoes me in the short-term memory department. Which goes for me commenting as well.

My job came to an end last month - couldn't stay on as it's a non-profit/charity organisation and they don't have the funds to pay me beyond 20 quid a month (apparently this is why a lot of charity websites look so dated), but I've talked with the CEO about funding options so that they can pay me to maintain the site, so that's on my to-do list. On the plus side, my brother is a volunteer there on Fridays and helps with their filing. After ages of no-one willing to give him a job because of his Asperger's, he's chuffed to bits that he's finally being useful to society.

I've also found out that being the only one in the house with PayPal can be a problem when a) your family has discovered eBay and b) your sister is setting up her own business and hasn't been able to sort out an account of her own for online orders. We really need to have words about this.

Got Pokemon Platinum last week and I've been enjoying it so far. Started with Piplup (a girl, for what it's worth) and am currently preparing for the first gym. Need to trade a Dratini egg over from my SoulSilver game though, otherwise I'll be waiting a small ice age before I can get a Dragonite.

And I've finally done some art again! I brought Painter 12 with some of my savings and boy am I glad I did. It's the first time my tablet drawing has looked like my actual sketches.

RIFT Contest - Life Colossus

by ~WhiteDragon2393
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Later than intended thanks to work, but here's the next Doctor Who Lemming! I bet you guys anything that the day one of these guys shows up on time it'll be in the middle of an intergalactic crisis.

The jury's out as to what he's playing... )
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Got my results today: I got a 2:2 and was just missed out on a 2:1 by about 1%. To quote Kryten: "I'm almost annoyed." Still, I passed! Which means I graduate next month along with my sister, who actually got the same grade as me and was roughly the same amount off a 2:1 as well (a bizarre coincidence by any standards).

In other news, I've become addicted to Robot Unicorn Attack. I've now got Erasure stuck in my head on loop.

Oh, before I forget; a church we pass on our way into Nottingham currently has the best sign I have ever seen:
"The son's shine eclipses twilight."
Well played, Mr. Sign Maker, very well played. It's not often you can pull off a hurricane of puns in just 5 words.
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Hello to my new friends from the Fandom Secrets friending meme! *waves*

I've somehow managed to hit 90+ hours on Pokemon SoulSilver now, and am currently wondering a) who on Earth is in charge of hiring for Team Rocket because they're serious idiots and b) whose idea it was to turn Togetic into an absolute demon. Also, getting elemental stones from the trainers is a pain in the butt (they don't give you any after you thrash them? What gives?).

FMA 107 was a return to the FMA I know and love after the preceding silliness, and it really is becoming clear just how much BONES knew about the manga ending when making the first anime. Btw, FMA fans on my f-list: my sister stopped reading the manga round about the Ishbal flashback, and is now stuck for a good point to jump back in at. Can anyone recommend a chapter? And does anyone know of a site that does chapter summaries?

I am LOVING Doctor Who so far this series. It actually feels like a proper arc from one episode to the next this time. And I really don't get why people are saying that Amy's sorta wooden. My sister acts a lot like her and she actually does become "wooden" and impassive if she's not directly involved in anything, and yet is completely bonkers and impulsive when she's engaged with either us or people she knows. Same goes for the Tenth Doctor's "overacting" - my brother acts ridiculously over the top on an almost daily basis. And me, I act like a cross between the two most days (maybe a bit of Eleven thrown in). I guess people like the three of us really aren't very common in real life.

In my final month of Uni now, and me and my sister are both gearing up for our final presentations (we're on the same course). After that's done we're going to start working on a project that we've been bouncing around ideas for.

Oh, and I'm a prat - I picked up a case for my DS Lite from GAME's bargain bin this afternoon, and when I got home it turned out to be a DSi only case (in my defence, the packaging says "DSi compatible", not "DSi only"). So I've got to get that exchanged on Tuesday now. Did get some new headphones pretty cheap though, so it wasn't completely wasted.

And yeah, this post is how my brain works at any one time - several different things at once. XD
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Okay, 35 hours into SoulSilver now: I've caught Sudowoodoo (nicknamed Usokii for nostalgia's sake, even if it is a boy this time round) and discovered that a) Route 34 induces claustrophobia and b) my Geodude is very claustrophobic; also, for a Pokemon with only two arms and no legs, he manages to get tangled in grass with alarming frequency. And, thanks to one of her friends sending her the Pikachu-coloured Pichu over wi-fi, [ profile] angelbless now has the Spiky-eared Pichu, after possibly the cutest scene ever.

Oh, and my brother has seen one of those "David Tennant supports the Labour Party" ad in our local council paper and didn't react well. Thanks a smegging bunch guys, I'd been successfully avoiding that topic with him for the past four years until you lot started using your popular supporters to gain brownie points. >:( *is not looking forward to the upcoming conversation*
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I'm now 9 hours into SoulSilver after a slight problem in starting a new game after trading over Cyndaquil to [ profile] angelbless' HeartGold game (you have to erase the old save first? Who came up with that idea). Somehow, I wound up with a female Totodile, to the utter amazement of the others (especially my sister as she's been trying to get a female Chikorita ever since the original games). And as if I haven't problems with getting attached to these little bundles of pixels in the first place, the "lead Pokémon follows you" thing is now making it ten times worse.

Btw, what on Earth is with all the female Pokemon? I swear didn't see a male for about two hours today. And is Falkner a Time Lord? Because even with the size difference between outdoor and indoor in these game taken into account, that gym is still bigger on the inside.

I've also managed to get the DSs online using a stupidly long modem cable (and why do we even have that?), an ethernet cable, my old iMac and some tinkering with a firewall. Obviously, it needs to be turned on before we can get online, and the range can't reach upstairs, but it's working.

Friend code is: Leanne 2622 5015 5349. Will trade for Piplup egg/hatchling.

Now off to train Mareep. Which would be easier if she already had Thundershock.

PS: Also have Professor Layton and Pandora's Box. It's like having the puzzle section of our old Find Out More magazine collection in video-game form.
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I'm getting SoulSilver! And my own DS! And it'll hopefully come with a Lugia figure! *does a celebration dance*

Just booted up my original Silver game to check if I gave my Umbreon a nickname or not; it doesn't, which is unsurprising as this was back in the day when I wouldn't give my Pokemon nicknames (my Sudowoodo was named Usokii though). To be honest I'm astonished I still have my game save - my sister's Gold save was lost a while ago.

The amusing thing is, the cheapest DS Lite available at my dad's workplace is a red one, and I now have an urge to put a sticker of the Flamel symbol from FMA on it when I get it and call it Elric. I can already hear [ profile] angelbless berating me over how geeky that is. X3
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I went to the Midlands Expo with Hayley ([ profile] angelbless) and my friend Emily on yesterday and met up why Hayley's online friend, also called Emily (I'm referring to my Emily as Em and Hayley's as Emily for the rest of this). It. Was. AWESOME. I have photos, I have more video than my hard drives can stomach (and my laptop so hates me for it) so I'm going to have to make another post just for the video (YouTube is going to hate love me).

Photos and shenanigans through here )
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Another year, and another Tomb Raider game done and dusted by my mum (yes, my mum's a gamer - this has its advantages). And Tomb Raider: Underworld leaves a sense of... disappointment? Dissatisfaction? That the developers need to be hit around the head with a newspaper?

As it turns out, it's all three. The two glaring problems were 1) it was ridiculously short (Mum usually takes a month at least to finish a TR game) and 2) it was riddled with an incredible amount of glitches. I won't discuss the gameplay here (me and my sister will be tearing it a new one over at our Uni blogs) - no, my gripe here is with the plot, which used Norse myth.

Spoilers for TR Anniversary, Legend, Underworld and Norse myth )


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