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Okay, so it was my birthday on Saturday. I'm not really one for making a fuss over it, so I kinda let it slip by the wayside, but due to me being both anal about facts and too honest for my own good, I felt I ought to mention it - I only mentioned it on the recent [ profile] fandomsecrets friending meme because it was happening on my birthday.

Speaking of which, hi new friends! I'm dropping you all in at the deep end here, as I still haven't mastered the art of being brief. X3;;

Funny hats and Black Mage weapons, amongst other things (slight spoilers for Doctor Who) )
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Now I remember why I love the timelordfromhell youtube lot so damn much. XD

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Because lets face it, I need to quit rambling so damn much.

  • Kayli (that rainbow coloured sugary stuff) is surprising good at kicking your brain into gear, even if it doesn't point it in the right direction.
  • Boils on your side are a right pain, especially if they're on the side you like to sleep on. x_X
  • Plaster itches.
  • Visualisation is another pain - why is it so much more demanding that the other pathways?
  • On the other hand, Animation and Games rock - I've got weird creature and a steampunk airship, respectively.
  • SPP not so much, a 3000 word essay due in two weeks, and we need to also sort out research and client project proposals. Good thing we're talking to our Animation lecturer tomorrow.
  • Livejournal doesn't know whether it's up or down. It's almost as bad as the Orange website.
  • Switching over to Sky Broadband tomorrow - hopefully this router will be easier to connect to than the Livebox was. The Wii may end up having to time-share with Dad's laptop (4 computers allowed to connect, max).
  • Still reading Watchmen - intend to finish it before I see it in cinemas.
  • My brain is weird. I still have no idea why I dreamt about David Tennant presenting Comic Relief a couple of weeks ago. Maybe I should lay off reading Doctor Who comms before bed.
  • Said brain is also brilliant at making connections between things and creating plot bunnies. As of now, FMA and Doctor Who are linked together in a way that makes far more sense than it should.
  • Coming up with a fanfic plot for said bunnies is a very good way to get my brain to quit going on about it (well, not as much as it would otherwise).
  • New FMA anime soon yay! Xerxes flashback in manga however is really creepy. o.o
  • Really should rename that 'general' tag.
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I went to the Midlands Expo with Hayley ([ profile] angelbless) and my friend Emily on yesterday and met up why Hayley's online friend, also called Emily (I'm referring to my Emily as Em and Hayley's as Emily for the rest of this). It. Was. AWESOME. I have photos, I have more video than my hard drives can stomach (and my laptop so hates me for it) so I'm going to have to make another post just for the video (YouTube is going to hate love me).

Photos and shenanigans through here )

Snow Day!

Feb. 5th, 2009 08:06 pm
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Because me and my sister [ profile] angelbless didn't go to Uni today thanks the lack of grit for the roads (and I didn't want a repeat of Monday when I was nearly sent flying due to the bus driver clipping a roundabout), we spent the day doing what everyone else was - we made snowmen! (three of them)

Follow me for pics and a touch of insanity )
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The Doctor Who fandom predictably explodes, ITV fall flat on their faces yet again, FMA coming back (yay!) and the perils of an active imagination, and I get round to finally posting a picture of me being the complete dork that I am.

Long post again )
*sigh* These entries wouldn't be so long if I remembered to actually post more often.
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During a tidy up of my mac desktop/data-dump I ended up looking through some old files (which also reminded me that the folder is a mess and it's a wonder I can find anything) and found one of the daftest things I've ever done.

Waaaay back before the S4 finale they had a post for crack theories at [ profile] doctorwho which I joined in with. I completely laughed myself silly when I read these again - I must have been very hyper at the time.

Crack Theories for the end of S4 (in a lovely TARDIS blue) )

Funnily enough, I think half of those are better than the ending we actually got.

Speaking of endings, I'm both excited and nervous about RTD saying that the ending of the 2008 Xmas Special is 'ferociously huge' given his track record. If I wind up with a serious injury thanks to this episode, I'm sending Rusty my medical bills.


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