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So it's been... nearly 7 months since I was last here. Not really had much motivation to post if I'm honest, and also the douche-baggery that is real-life decided to make itself known in full force (the exact nature of which I won't go into, but thankfully the outcome's looking to be a lot better than first thought).

I'm also going on holiday for a week tomorrow to the same place as last year (it's a farm in Yorkshire which has free wi-fi. Awesome). I'll try to remember to post when I get back this time. Provided that the freak thunderstorms we've been having don't completely fry our phone line whilst we're away.

What else has been happening )

And now for the doosey. Bear with me, I may be a <em>little</em> bitter )
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First, I was half-wake this morning when I suddenly hear this almighty shriek. At first I thought it was my neighbours, until I heard the panicked voices of my sister and Mum, at which point I rushed downstairs to find my sister having her eye flushed out with water.

What had happened was that Mum, when she went to put my sister's eye-drops in, had instead picked up the bottle of ear-drops that someone (i.e.: Dad) left next to the eye-drop bottle. The packaging and bottles for these look very similar, so you can guess how the mix-up was made. As it happened, they had to go into town today, so I suggested they drop by our opticians to make sure everything was all right. She's got to back Friday to have it checked again, but thankfully no harm's been done. Poor Mum was really upset though.

Weirdly, my sister had been telling me the night before about them looking similar. I guess foreshadowing works in real life, too.

Back to last week, where I was at the Job Centre with my dad about my Job Seekers' claim. Apart from discussing my partial deafness, we also brought up the possibility of me having Asperger's, because there's going blank, and then there's having parts of the brain being completely cross-wired. So I'm waiting for an appointment to see the Disability Advisor now, and I've also been moved onto Stage 3, where you're put on a 6 month work placement to help you get experience.

As it happened, one of the companies on the scheme is looking for someone to fill a multimedia position, and I went to have a chat with a couple of the people there on Friday. Things were a bit stilted at first but the ice was pretty much broken after they asked to see some of my work. There was also a pretty funny moment where the woman whose name Dad got wrong at the start wound up getting his name wrong at the end. Anyway, I'm currently waiting for a phone call about going down again to meet the chief executive, so fingers crossed that goes all right.

We also had my aunt and uncle round along with my cousin and her two daughters. Her eldest, J, wants to start a dragon collections (*sniff* I'm so proud) and her youngest, K, has turned out to be a natural with the woodwind - my sister let her have a go on her clarinet and she amazed all of us by not only being able to play it, but play it rather well. It was also the first time any of them had met Tails, and they absolutely adore him. Then again, when he keeps swimming over to you to say hello, it's hard not to.

And speaking of Tails, he's now happily settled into his new home:

The picture on the left is his old tank, to give you an idea of the difference. It also turns out that we were right about my chest of drawers, as I now have a problem opening the top drawer thanks to the extra weight. It'd probably break if I put the next tank up on it. :/
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As some of you know, my older brother has Asperger Syndrome. What most probably don't is that I am incredibly similar to him in many ways. It's long been suspected that I have AS too - since I was a baby in fact - but the doctors dismissed it as me 'putting it on', so we never followed up on it.

But in the paper recently there was an article on Asperger's in relation to the man who has auditioned for the X Factor and it mentioned how it presents itself differently in girls. I got curious, and took a look on the net to find out what the differences were.

Which was how I found this article.

I literally froze. It describes me perfectly. Every last detail is me exactly. Down to my reaction when my parents or siblings get irritated with me when I'm being scatter-brained. Down to me preferring male company to female. Even down to me still loving things I loved as a kid and my lack of fashion sense.

I pretty much suspected that I have Asperger's like my brother, but to see it in black and white like that was still a shock. I'm not sure I want to get an official diagnosis though - if you have Asperger's you might as have fallen off the face of the Earth once you've left education, so what good would it do me?

And, I'm okay with having it. I'm brilliant in fact. I've always said about Asperger's that "you're just wired up differently to everyone else." Or, as my Dad puts it, "it's like two different operating systems trying to talk to each other" - which doesn't quite work so well with me since I'm both a Mac AND a PC. XD

The way I see it, it wired my brain up this way and what I did with it is all me and I like who I am. So how can I have a problem with that? :D

PS: I recently discovered that the shorthand nickname for people with Asperger's is "Aspie." I think it's adorable, and since I have never heard it used in a derogatory fashion I'm definitely going to use it more in conversation.


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