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Bit late, but Happy New Year everyone! (This is going to sound a bit random, but has anyone else's internal calendar gone out of whack? I keep thinking it's Wednesday not Tuesday)

I've also found the next Doctor Who Lemming! Even later than usual this time.

In his defence, his TARDIS doesn't work properly )

PS: Turns out that no, asLJ does not allow you to crosspost to communities, as my posting screw-up just now has proved.
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First off, I've made some new friends since my last post so here's a belated hello! *waves* I apologise for the gap - even my pet goldfish outdoes me in the short-term memory department. Which goes for me commenting as well.

My job came to an end last month - couldn't stay on as it's a non-profit/charity organisation and they don't have the funds to pay me beyond 20 quid a month (apparently this is why a lot of charity websites look so dated), but I've talked with the CEO about funding options so that they can pay me to maintain the site, so that's on my to-do list. On the plus side, my brother is a volunteer there on Fridays and helps with their filing. After ages of no-one willing to give him a job because of his Asperger's, he's chuffed to bits that he's finally being useful to society.

I've also found out that being the only one in the house with PayPal can be a problem when a) your family has discovered eBay and b) your sister is setting up her own business and hasn't been able to sort out an account of her own for online orders. We really need to have words about this.

Got Pokemon Platinum last week and I've been enjoying it so far. Started with Piplup (a girl, for what it's worth) and am currently preparing for the first gym. Need to trade a Dratini egg over from my SoulSilver game though, otherwise I'll be waiting a small ice age before I can get a Dragonite.

And I've finally done some art again! I brought Painter 12 with some of my savings and boy am I glad I did. It's the first time my tablet drawing has looked like my actual sketches.

RIFT Contest - Life Colossus

by ~WhiteDragon2393
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Later than intended thanks to work, but here's the next Doctor Who Lemming! I bet you guys anything that the day one of these guys shows up on time it'll be in the middle of an intergalactic crisis.

The jury's out as to what he's playing... )
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Figured I ought to actually use this for its intended purpose again.

So, I'm clearing out the plastic chest of drawers (or "art trunk", as I call it) next to my mac at the moment. The reason? I got this a couple of weeks ago:

I've always wanted one of these since I was a kid, and during a visit to Hobbycraft (an awesome store with everything under the sun for artistic types) they had this desk at £95. They usually cost £200, minimum. Sure, it's got a wonky wheel (problem with the weld) but it's pretty sturdy. So I'm finding and putting my art materials in the two side drawers. And I'm a little amazed at what I've got in this art trunk:

Cut for sanity's sake )
And this is one drawer. There are four.

Oh, and as for LJ's nomination for "Biggest Prats of The Year," I'm currently trying to decide who is being stupider in this whole fiasco - the LJ staff, or some of the users (why does anger make people stupider?).

My thoughts on the subject )

Also, I feel I need to apologise to my f-list. I know there's no obligation to comment on other people's journals, but I can't help but feel I'm letting some of you down. I do read every single post you guys make, though, even if it results in me face-planting on the keyboard at 2am (for the record: ow).

PS: the Red Arrows flew past my bedroom window earlier. That was unexpected.
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I hope you've got another frame ready, [ profile] gipsy_dreamer, 'cos the next lemming is done! :D

Quick! Before he disappears again! )


Jan. 6th, 2010 11:31 pm
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In what is a new record for me in terms of art updates, I bring you the next Doctor Who Lemming.

Catch him if you can! )
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Just to warn you all, I'm writing this whilst under the influence of sherbet.

For those of you on my f-list who, well, weren't a year ago, I drew a picture of the Fourth Doctor as a Lemming for a bit of fun after my sister spotted the TARDIS in one of the games. Since then, more have appeared in my sketchbook, but it's only recently I've been able to sit down and get cracking on colouring them.

Another Lemming Doctor joins the fold )
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For the first time in God-knows-how-many years, my area has had snow in the run up to Christmas. Everyone has every available body part crossed that the snow's still here in two days' time (another snow-storm would be nice), because it's my kid sister [ profile] angelbless' 21st birthday on Christmas Day and all she's ever wanted is snow on her birthday (she's never had a white Christmas in her life).

Due to my Mum being concerned that I didn't have many presents to open compared to my siblings (my interests come with a large price tag it seems), and asking if there was something else I wanted, come Christmas Day I'll be able to hook up the LCD TV in my room to my mac as a second monitor thanks to the adapter we brought yesterday. Now I can watch stuff online and still be able to do other stuff at the same time (prepare to be blitzed MSN Video, I'm after your Classic Who).

Speaking of Doctor Who, I'm halfway finished on another piece of fanart and my icon's a clue as to what it is (it's three weeks overdue - I blame Uni). Then there's another one that I want to start and finish before New Year's Day.

I've also surprised myself over how much I'm looking forward to watching Hamlet on Boxing Day (even more so considering I didn't even know the plot until last year). I used to complain about studying Shakespeare, but looking back on it I realised that I actually did enjoy the stories, and Hamlet is downright intriguing and I want to know why we didn't study it at school. Romeo and Juliet isn't remembered fondly though - I found it all to be a bit of a wallbanger to be honest (although I recommend the recent anime adaptation). I've also discovered that I have a knack for understanding the text. Not sure why, but I'm not about to complain.

Oh, and I've got bitten by the Pokemon bug again after reading about HeartGold and SoulSilver. Especially now I've found that you can transfer your GBA Pokemon to them (and the world-wide wi-fi trading is just an awesome feature) - I haven't been this excited about a Pokemon game since the original Gold and Silver came out.

And now to finish cleaning my room - I'm going for a record and seeing if I can do it all tonight.
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I went to the Midlands Expo with Hayley ([ profile] angelbless) and my friend Emily on yesterday and met up why Hayley's online friend, also called Emily (I'm referring to my Emily as Em and Hayley's as Emily for the rest of this). It. Was. AWESOME. I have photos, I have more video than my hard drives can stomach (and my laptop so hates me for it) so I'm going to have to make another post just for the video (YouTube is going to hate love me).

Photos and shenanigans through here )
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Okay, so I decided to bite the bullet and upgrade to a Plus Account. The only thing that's been stopping me really is how the ads would affect my layout - it's alright for me since I use Ad Block Plus (I'm not an ad fan, they usually play havoc with my browser windows), but those who don't would see a right mess.

So I donned my programmer's hat and fired up Dreamweaver (bit of an FYI: I'm a visual worker, so I copy the sources of various journal pages into a new html file, remove the control strip and then change the CSS reference to the file on my computer to let me see what I'm doing - saves on bandwidth I can tell ya). Although I couldn't get it to work at first until I realised I still had the online CSS linked up. *facepalm* I ended up with a happy accident - whilst working on fixing the entry pages (the comments were a pain in the arse to get into place), in my attempt to get the main entry to stay inside the journal width I inadvertently knocked the vertical ad box out of the page block altogether. The same thing occurred on the Archive page and I was incredibly surprised that you could move them that far out, but I'm not complaining!

I didn't think I'd get ads to work alongside this layout, and it took me ages to make it in the first place (mainly because I painted the header image myself), so I'm now very happy and a tad smug.

PS: Started thinking over the current Animation project for Uni today (create at least two characters that could be part of a franchise [think Sonic the Hedgehog. On second thoughts, that's not a good example]). Anyway, I was thinking about it on the bus this morning and after a flash of inspiration my brain then proceeds to come up with a whole setting and story based around it. As if there wasn't enough running around in there already.

PPS: Semagic's working (finally).


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