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Got my results today: I got a 2:2 and was just missed out on a 2:1 by about 1%. To quote Kryten: "I'm almost annoyed." Still, I passed! Which means I graduate next month along with my sister, who actually got the same grade as me and was roughly the same amount off a 2:1 as well (a bizarre coincidence by any standards).

In other news, I've become addicted to Robot Unicorn Attack. I've now got Erasure stuck in my head on loop.

Oh, before I forget; a church we pass on our way into Nottingham currently has the best sign I have ever seen:
"The son's shine eclipses twilight."
Well played, Mr. Sign Maker, very well played. It's not often you can pull off a hurricane of puns in just 5 words.
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And FMA went out with, well...

FMA 108 Spoilers )

PS: In what was very surprising news to me, Supernatural is being turned into an anime. I have expressed no interest in the show itself up till now, but my interest is piqued (on a less mature note, odds on a Doctor Who anime just got slashed :D ).
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Hello to my new friends from the Fandom Secrets friending meme! *waves*

I've somehow managed to hit 90+ hours on Pokemon SoulSilver now, and am currently wondering a) who on Earth is in charge of hiring for Team Rocket because they're serious idiots and b) whose idea it was to turn Togetic into an absolute demon. Also, getting elemental stones from the trainers is a pain in the butt (they don't give you any after you thrash them? What gives?).

FMA 107 was a return to the FMA I know and love after the preceding silliness, and it really is becoming clear just how much BONES knew about the manga ending when making the first anime. Btw, FMA fans on my f-list: my sister stopped reading the manga round about the Ishbal flashback, and is now stuck for a good point to jump back in at. Can anyone recommend a chapter? And does anyone know of a site that does chapter summaries?

I am LOVING Doctor Who so far this series. It actually feels like a proper arc from one episode to the next this time. And I really don't get why people are saying that Amy's sorta wooden. My sister acts a lot like her and she actually does become "wooden" and impassive if she's not directly involved in anything, and yet is completely bonkers and impulsive when she's engaged with either us or people she knows. Same goes for the Tenth Doctor's "overacting" - my brother acts ridiculously over the top on an almost daily basis. And me, I act like a cross between the two most days (maybe a bit of Eleven thrown in). I guess people like the three of us really aren't very common in real life.

In my final month of Uni now, and me and my sister are both gearing up for our final presentations (we're on the same course). After that's done we're going to start working on a project that we've been bouncing around ideas for.

Oh, and I'm a prat - I picked up a case for my DS Lite from GAME's bargain bin this afternoon, and when I got home it turned out to be a DSi only case (in my defence, the packaging says "DSi compatible", not "DSi only"). So I've got to get that exchanged on Tuesday now. Did get some new headphones pretty cheap though, so it wasn't completely wasted.

And yeah, this post is how my brain works at any one time - several different things at once. XD
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Watched Pokemon 4Ever today with my brother and sister (it randomly appeared on the TV schedule); the timey whimey would make Steven Moffat proud, especially at the end - I tell ya, three people having the penny drop at the exact same moment is truly something to behold.

But FMA this month... WHAT THE HELL?

Spoilers for FMA 106 )
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Okay, 35 hours into SoulSilver now: I've caught Sudowoodoo (nicknamed Usokii for nostalgia's sake, even if it is a boy this time round) and discovered that a) Route 34 induces claustrophobia and b) my Geodude is very claustrophobic; also, for a Pokemon with only two arms and no legs, he manages to get tangled in grass with alarming frequency. And, thanks to one of her friends sending her the Pikachu-coloured Pichu over wi-fi, [ profile] angelbless now has the Spiky-eared Pichu, after possibly the cutest scene ever.

Oh, and my brother has seen one of those "David Tennant supports the Labour Party" ad in our local council paper and didn't react well. Thanks a smegging bunch guys, I'd been successfully avoiding that topic with him for the past four years until you lot started using your popular supporters to gain brownie points. >:( *is not looking forward to the upcoming conversation*
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I'm now 9 hours into SoulSilver after a slight problem in starting a new game after trading over Cyndaquil to [ profile] angelbless' HeartGold game (you have to erase the old save first? Who came up with that idea). Somehow, I wound up with a female Totodile, to the utter amazement of the others (especially my sister as she's been trying to get a female Chikorita ever since the original games). And as if I haven't problems with getting attached to these little bundles of pixels in the first place, the "lead Pokémon follows you" thing is now making it ten times worse.

Btw, what on Earth is with all the female Pokemon? I swear didn't see a male for about two hours today. And is Falkner a Time Lord? Because even with the size difference between outdoor and indoor in these game taken into account, that gym is still bigger on the inside.

I've also managed to get the DSs online using a stupidly long modem cable (and why do we even have that?), an ethernet cable, my old iMac and some tinkering with a firewall. Obviously, it needs to be turned on before we can get online, and the range can't reach upstairs, but it's working.

Friend code is: Leanne 2622 5015 5349. Will trade for Piplup egg/hatchling.

Now off to train Mareep. Which would be easier if she already had Thundershock.

PS: Also have Professor Layton and Pandora's Box. It's like having the puzzle section of our old Find Out More magazine collection in video-game form.
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I'm getting SoulSilver! And my own DS! And it'll hopefully come with a Lugia figure! *does a celebration dance*

Just booted up my original Silver game to check if I gave my Umbreon a nickname or not; it doesn't, which is unsurprising as this was back in the day when I wouldn't give my Pokemon nicknames (my Sudowoodo was named Usokii though). To be honest I'm astonished I still have my game save - my sister's Gold save was lost a while ago.

The amusing thing is, the cheapest DS Lite available at my dad's workplace is a red one, and I now have an urge to put a sticker of the Flamel symbol from FMA on it when I get it and call it Elric. I can already hear [ profile] angelbless berating me over how geeky that is. X3
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I've had the Escaflowne movie on my hard drive for about a couple of years now, so I decided to watch it whilst doing Uni work a few days ago. I rather enjoyed it, so being the fan of alternate continuities that I am, I decided to try watching the TV series. I was not expecting to be on episode 22 after 3 days. I was fully expecting to have got to episode 7 and lost interest; but I find myself completely engrossed in the back story and plot. Mind you, the dub has a bit of redundancy problem, although it has a certain charm to it (and it's way better than the X:1999 dub). Also, Van as a kid is cute as a button, which is problematic seeing as these flashbacks tend to happen during moments of dire peril.

I've also been working my way through the first FMA series again and it's still awesome (and I'm still not seeing the major angst here people). Although an exchange in episode 15 is now unintentionally hilarious:

Al: "Brother, what are we going to do now?"
Ed: "I don't know Al, lets just get some distance from that guy with the glasses."

I'm a fan of the That Guy With The Glasses site and ended up having to pause the video to get rid of the resulting mental image.

And whilst we're on the subject, why is it that FMA is reading more and more like one of Rusty's Doctor Who finales? The similarities are so striking it's borderline hilarious.

Spoilers for FMA and a bit of a science rant )
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I have read the latest FMA chapter twice.

Major FMA spoilers )
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Okay, so it was my birthday on Saturday. I'm not really one for making a fuss over it, so I kinda let it slip by the wayside, but due to me being both anal about facts and too honest for my own good, I felt I ought to mention it - I only mentioned it on the recent [ profile] fandomsecrets friending meme because it was happening on my birthday.

Speaking of which, hi new friends! I'm dropping you all in at the deep end here, as I still haven't mastered the art of being brief. X3;;

Funny hats and Black Mage weapons, amongst other things (slight spoilers for Doctor Who) )
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Since this keeps popping up on my f-list:

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Most of you will assume that my nickname is Blue because it's my favourite colour. Well, you'd be right, but funnily enough that wasn't the main reason I chose that name.

It mainly comes from when I was a Yu-Gi-Oh! fan and really into the card game (for the record, I was much better at the Pokemon TCG), and my favourite card was, surprise surprise, the Blue-Eyes White Dragon (it's also the origin of my deviantART username). So, when I signed up to my first forum, I picked Blue2393 as my username (it's the card's initials on a phone keypad, in case you were wondering). What I hadn't banked on was the fact that many of the other members never seemed to shorten names, so I was constantly being called the full thing. Which was fine for the most part, except people kept getting it wrong. And being someone who has a bit of a compulsion to correct people, it drove me potty. So, first name-change day the forum had, I asked them to lop the numbers off (no reason was needed since it was my known berserk button).

Now by the time I discovered Livejournal, lots of people knew me as Blue, so I'd already decided to keep "Blue" in my username. Thing is, Blue's a common nickname, so I needed to add something to it, and I sure as hell wasn't going the numbers router again. As it happens, my sister was playing Final Fantasy X around that time, and I'd become rather fascinated by the aeons in the game, and especially Bahamut. I loved the word and thought "hey, that's a combination I wouldn't mind being called." The rest is, well, you get the picture.

The other variation I have is BlueSilver, which is a tribute to my favourite Pokemon game.


Jan. 6th, 2010 11:31 pm
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In what is a new record for me in terms of art updates, I bring you the next Doctor Who Lemming.

Catch him if you can! )


Jan. 2nd, 2010 01:27 am
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Late to the party, but Happy New Year!

I'm still processing The End of Time. I feel oddly detached from the whole thing - I still feel sad, and there's a sort of hollow feeling at the thought of not seeing Ten or David acting like the fanboy he is again, but it seems... distant. Like it's happened to somebody else. Is this how the Doctor feels after regeneration? It's quite surreal.

Right now, my mind is running at 300 miles per hours and I can't seem to sit and focus on any one thing, not even Ten!Lem (he's coming along nicely though). Instead my brain is running through temporal theory and time loops and alternate universes and going "Oi! He's not gone for good you know! He's still knocking around in other universes! And I'm not letting you drop that crossover after two flipping years because of bloody canon!" (my subconscious is a rather rebellious git)

I need sleep. All this has only served to give me a headache and I'd rather not start tackling this kind of thing at this time of night. But you know what? I'm tired of having all these ideas going around in my head and being afraid to share them in case people point and laugh at me. So sod it, when I get up tomorrow I'm going to do something about it!
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Just to warn you all, I'm writing this whilst under the influence of sherbet.

For those of you on my f-list who, well, weren't a year ago, I drew a picture of the Fourth Doctor as a Lemming for a bit of fun after my sister spotted the TARDIS in one of the games. Since then, more have appeared in my sketchbook, but it's only recently I've been able to sit down and get cracking on colouring them.

Another Lemming Doctor joins the fold )
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For the first time in God-knows-how-many years, my area has had snow in the run up to Christmas. Everyone has every available body part crossed that the snow's still here in two days' time (another snow-storm would be nice), because it's my kid sister [ profile] angelbless' 21st birthday on Christmas Day and all she's ever wanted is snow on her birthday (she's never had a white Christmas in her life).

Due to my Mum being concerned that I didn't have many presents to open compared to my siblings (my interests come with a large price tag it seems), and asking if there was something else I wanted, come Christmas Day I'll be able to hook up the LCD TV in my room to my mac as a second monitor thanks to the adapter we brought yesterday. Now I can watch stuff online and still be able to do other stuff at the same time (prepare to be blitzed MSN Video, I'm after your Classic Who).

Speaking of Doctor Who, I'm halfway finished on another piece of fanart and my icon's a clue as to what it is (it's three weeks overdue - I blame Uni). Then there's another one that I want to start and finish before New Year's Day.

I've also surprised myself over how much I'm looking forward to watching Hamlet on Boxing Day (even more so considering I didn't even know the plot until last year). I used to complain about studying Shakespeare, but looking back on it I realised that I actually did enjoy the stories, and Hamlet is downright intriguing and I want to know why we didn't study it at school. Romeo and Juliet isn't remembered fondly though - I found it all to be a bit of a wallbanger to be honest (although I recommend the recent anime adaptation). I've also discovered that I have a knack for understanding the text. Not sure why, but I'm not about to complain.

Oh, and I've got bitten by the Pokemon bug again after reading about HeartGold and SoulSilver. Especially now I've found that you can transfer your GBA Pokemon to them (and the world-wide wi-fi trading is just an awesome feature) - I haven't been this excited about a Pokemon game since the original Gold and Silver came out.

And now to finish cleaning my room - I'm going for a record and seeing if I can do it all tonight.
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I've been meaning to post here again before I went back to Uni - but I wasn't planning on it being about this:

Stephen Gately dies at 33.

I am utterly speechless and saddened by the news. My sister [ profile] angelbless was a big Boyzone fan when she was younger, and so was I by extension (I know I kept borrowing her CDs). Stephen was always my favourite, he sung like an angel and it always amused me that his speaking voice and singing voice were at complete odds with one another (my surprise when I first heard him speak was quite comical).

Me and [ profile] angelbless were talking only last night about how we hadn't actually stopped being Boyzone fans, and we're still a bit freaked out by the coincidence. If I'm honest I'm not sure I'll be able to listen to any of their songs ever again without getting sad. Just listening to A Different Beat has made me weepy (it's my favourite alongside No Matter What).

Rest in peace Stephen, we'll miss you. :(
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Now I remember why I love the timelordfromhell youtube lot so damn much. XD

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As some of you know, my older brother has Asperger Syndrome. What most probably don't is that I am incredibly similar to him in many ways. It's long been suspected that I have AS too - since I was a baby in fact - but the doctors dismissed it as me 'putting it on', so we never followed up on it.

But in the paper recently there was an article on Asperger's in relation to the man who has auditioned for the X Factor and it mentioned how it presents itself differently in girls. I got curious, and took a look on the net to find out what the differences were.

Which was how I found this article.

I literally froze. It describes me perfectly. Every last detail is me exactly. Down to my reaction when my parents or siblings get irritated with me when I'm being scatter-brained. Down to me preferring male company to female. Even down to me still loving things I loved as a kid and my lack of fashion sense.

I pretty much suspected that I have Asperger's like my brother, but to see it in black and white like that was still a shock. I'm not sure I want to get an official diagnosis though - if you have Asperger's you might as have fallen off the face of the Earth once you've left education, so what good would it do me?

And, I'm okay with having it. I'm brilliant in fact. I've always said about Asperger's that "you're just wired up differently to everyone else." Or, as my Dad puts it, "it's like two different operating systems trying to talk to each other" - which doesn't quite work so well with me since I'm both a Mac AND a PC. XD

The way I see it, it wired my brain up this way and what I did with it is all me and I like who I am. So how can I have a problem with that? :D

PS: I recently discovered that the shorthand nickname for people with Asperger's is "Aspie." I think it's adorable, and since I have never heard it used in a derogatory fashion I'm definitely going to use it more in conversation.
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*rubs backside* I've just spent the past hour going through one of my bookshelves and reorganising it so I can get to the books easier (I have a large dragon garden ornament sat in front of it most of the time. Don't ask). Needless to say I've now been reminded why chairs were invented.

As far as months go, not a world beater. Primeval's been cancelled - I'm fast running out of viewing material, good thing FMA's on (Robin Hood doesn't count, it's almost painful for this Nottinghamshire local to watch sometimes) - and Dad's no longer in work (and 'suss' doesn't even begin to cover my opinion of the whole situation) though it is great to have him home. We've got an untrustworthy... I can't think of a polite way of saying 'moron', in charge, MPs that don't use their salaries to pay for things like the rest of us. Oh, and Iran's about to go off the deep end. Apparently we're "treacherous and evil" - I wasn't aware we were on good enough terms with Iran (or on any terms, for that matter) for us to betray them.

Btw, do NOT go to Conventry for the first time without a map. The place is a honest-to-god rabbit warren, and we got spectacularly lost trying to find a particular shop (sat-navs are rendered absolutely useless as well, to the point where the satellite goes AWOL). Good thing I'm pretty good with directions, which stopped us getting lost on the way back. Also, the entrance/exit to the car park was a flippin' helter skelter. Motion sickness ahoy! @_@

Currently, I'm in talk with my parents over getting a new iMac (my current one, incredibly reliable as it is, is unable to keep up with me). It's a "wait and see - don't get your hopes up" kind of thing at the moment (mind you, seeing as my mum is known for switching her moods rather abruptly -most of the time I can't read her at all - that might go back and forth for a bit, I've given up pre-empting her). I guess I'll know for sure after we've been on holiday in about 3 or 4 weeks' time. I do have my side of the bargain to hold up, which is a) sort out mine and my sister's joint paypal account so we can do commissions and sell stuff (done, no thanks to the EU making the whole thing more confusing than it should have) and b) help out around the house - which I assume includes cleaning my room, which Lord knows needs doing, hence shuffling the bookshelves.
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Because lets face it, I need to quit rambling so damn much.

  • Kayli (that rainbow coloured sugary stuff) is surprising good at kicking your brain into gear, even if it doesn't point it in the right direction.
  • Boils on your side are a right pain, especially if they're on the side you like to sleep on. x_X
  • Plaster itches.
  • Visualisation is another pain - why is it so much more demanding that the other pathways?
  • On the other hand, Animation and Games rock - I've got weird creature and a steampunk airship, respectively.
  • SPP not so much, a 3000 word essay due in two weeks, and we need to also sort out research and client project proposals. Good thing we're talking to our Animation lecturer tomorrow.
  • Livejournal doesn't know whether it's up or down. It's almost as bad as the Orange website.
  • Switching over to Sky Broadband tomorrow - hopefully this router will be easier to connect to than the Livebox was. The Wii may end up having to time-share with Dad's laptop (4 computers allowed to connect, max).
  • Still reading Watchmen - intend to finish it before I see it in cinemas.
  • My brain is weird. I still have no idea why I dreamt about David Tennant presenting Comic Relief a couple of weeks ago. Maybe I should lay off reading Doctor Who comms before bed.
  • Said brain is also brilliant at making connections between things and creating plot bunnies. As of now, FMA and Doctor Who are linked together in a way that makes far more sense than it should.
  • Coming up with a fanfic plot for said bunnies is a very good way to get my brain to quit going on about it (well, not as much as it would otherwise).
  • New FMA anime soon yay! Xerxes flashback in manga however is really creepy. o.o
  • Really should rename that 'general' tag.


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