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So it's been... nearly 7 months since I was last here. Not really had much motivation to post if I'm honest, and also the douche-baggery that is real-life decided to make itself known in full force (the exact nature of which I won't go into, but thankfully the outcome's looking to be a lot better than first thought).

I'm also going on holiday for a week tomorrow to the same place as last year (it's a farm in Yorkshire which has free wi-fi. Awesome). I'll try to remember to post when I get back this time. Provided that the freak thunderstorms we've been having don't completely fry our phone line whilst we're away.

My sister's started her own business selling handcrafted items (her website's here). Money's still coming in drips and drabs at the moment (mostly commission work), but a shop's opened in the town centre that allows local artists and crafters to sell their wares for a rent of £5 a week. As my sister hasn't got much in the way of savings because of material costs, she didn't think she'd be able to afford it and would have to withdraw from selling there, so I've given her enough money to cover the rent for six months. Good thing too, because she sold a bag not two days later.

Thanks to DeviantART adding username changes, I've changed mine from WhiteDragon2393 to Calyfern. I've also gotten a Tumblr with the same name, which I haven't started using yet, but now the iOS app no longer completely sucks I might start posting whilst I'm away. The Doctor Who Lemmings will posted on there too, but not until after I come back.

And I thought Korra was pretty awesome - after all the fantasy I've read set in pseudo-medieval times, it's a complete breath of fresh air to see a Western fantasy show set in a modern era. I will say one thing though - you can really tell they were hopelessly screwed over by the network regarding the number of episodes they had. Apparently, the story goes like this (no idea if the first part's true, but the way the narrative keeps leaping forward suggests it is):

Creators: "Right, we have 26 episodes to do this."
Network: *part-way through development* "Sorry guys, you can only do 12."
Creators: "Right, editing time... Okay, think we've done it."
Network: "We want another season of 13 episodes."
Creators: "Son of a b-!"

Given that I once had a University animation project go from having a coherent narrative to being decidedly weird and nonsensical as a result of time constraints, yeah, I can see how things became a bit wonky.

And perhaps the biggest change: I have now been diagnosed with Asperger's. I had the confirmation appointment with the psychologist yesterday, and now I'm on a 3 month waiting list to be seen by the Asperger's team in Social Services (because some bright spark decided it could be dealt with by social workers and not, you know, people who are qualified in matters of the brain). Because of the waiting list, the psychologist's seeing me again in September in order to ensue I don't fall through the net again.

I say "again," because we had a bit of a bombshell dropped on us by my brother's old educational psychologist. Before we begin, I should point out that this was a woman who repeatedly dismissed my parents' claims that I was the same as my brother, and called my mother "neurotic." Fast forward to a couple of months back, when she came into the store where my dad works. During the conversation they had, she revealed that, actually, she'd KNOWN I was autistic, but nobody did anything because "they didn't want another one."

"Didn't want another one." Believe it or not, that's probably the most dehumanising thing anyone has ever said in relation to my brother and I. Yes, even more dehumanising that the boys who called me "it" for about 1 month in school. At least they had childhood ignorance as an excuse. The real kicker though, is the fact that this woman was my brother's psychologist when he was about 7, which means that I was showing clear signs of Asperger's when I was five.

So yeah, just a teensy bit peeved.
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