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Okay, bit late with this - in my defence, I was exhausted on Wednesday, unable to use a computer for ages thanks to a whopper of a thunderstorm on Thursday, and yesterday I was helping my neighbour get video off his camcorder.

Anyway, on Wednesday morning I graduated with honours in BA Multimedia. Follow the cut to see me in my cap and gown (I've never felt so much of a nerd).

I don't like being photographed as a rule, since I have no real idea what my face is doing when I show emotion. Although I'm rather amused that my left eye is noticeably wonky in that picture; I think it actually was looking over my dad's shoulder as he took the picture.

The most awesome thing about the whole day was the fact my sister [ profile] angelbless graduated right alongside me for the same course - we were even up on the stage together. Second most awesome thing was that our degrees are signed by the Chancellor, who is none other than Sir Michael Parkinson. My brother proceeded to point out that, had we been at Huddersfield University, our degrees would have been signed by Sir Patrick Stewart. Trust him to know that.

Somewhat unsurprisingly, the two of us each picked one of these guys as a souvenir of our time at Uni:

My little Professor Bear. He even has a bow-tie, because as we all know "bow-ties are cool." :)

(ignore my hair - I seem to have built up a static charge again)
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